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What Are RFID Stickers?

rfid stickers

The RFID technology uses radio frequency waves to search, identify, track, and communicate with people and items. An RFID system is comprised of an RFID tag (smart label or sticker), an RFID antenna, and an RFID reader. RFID tags contain an integrated circuit and an antenna used to transmit data to the RFID reader. The reader also called an interrogator, then converts the radio waves to a more usable form of data.


RFID stickers


RFID stickers are RFID tags with chips that exchange data between the RFID reader and the sticker tags using electromagnetic fields. The stickers are often used to tag expensive assets or inventory to enable RFID tracking. These stickers are available at a variety of frequencies including 13.56 MHz HF and 860-960 MHz UHF. The stickers are printable, self-adhesive, resistant to harsh environments, and have tamper-proof features because they are built with flexible materials like cotton, coated paper, polyester, and opaque matte paper.


Where can they be used?


  • Asset tracking

RFID stickers automate the management and locating process of physical assets. The sticker works by loading an RFID tag with data and attaching it to a relevant asset. This data can include; the name of the asset, location, amount, and condition. Using an RFID sticker improves asset visibility, eliminates human intervention, maximizes the accuracy of inventory, and locates lost or misplaced assets. RFID stickers can be used to track mobile and fixed assets.


  • Ticketing

RFID stickers are embedded into the ticket itself to identify it with sensors. These stickers come in handy in an event platform as they speed up event entrance, eliminate fraud, and improve the events with real-time insights.


  • Library management

RFID stickers are placed on the library books to automate self-check-in and out systems of borrowing and returning books. Books selected are identified by the system’s built-in RFID reader. The stickers are also beneficial for shelf management and anti-theft detection.


  • Retail items tracking

RFID stickers are used in retail to prevent theft and track items that are either often misplaced or frequently moved. These stickers allow retailers to track their inventory throughout the retail supply chain from the warehouse shelves all the way to the sales floor. Incorporating RFID stickers in retail has improved the overall accuracy of data and has offered instantaneous and continuous monitoring of item movement.


  • Vehicle industry

RFID stickers are mounted on the vehicle’s headlights or windshields to allow for secure authorization and entry to gated communities or private parking lots. They are also mounted on trucks for efficiency in billing and also to help the trucking companies weigh a truck’s full and empty unladen weight, to determine how much material has been loaded. RFID stickers are also used by car dealerships to efficiently track, locate, and identify their inventory of vehicles and also customer cars for repair.


  • Laundry industry

RFID stickers allow the unique identification of each garment. The stickers are either heat-sealed, put inside a pouch, or sewn to each garment allowing easier identification and traceability through the entire laundry process. The stickers also reduce costs and losses as they provide total control of the process.


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