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How Can RFID Be Integrated In Garment Retail Solution?

rfid in garment retail

The smart garment retail solution, integrating RFID, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, and run through almost all links such as raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, warehousing, stocktaking, distribution, sales, return processing, etc., to achieve accurate management of the whole life cycle of goods, explore more opportunities for enterprises, and then to improve the profits.

rfid tag factory

RFID Tag Factory

Tag Producing –> Data Printing & Encoding –> QC –> Status Checking –> In & Out Management –> Sourcing & Identification

Garment Factory

Tag & Garment Combination –>  In & Out Management –> Stocktaking –> Identification –> Delivery

garment factory
smart store
storage and logistics

Smart Storage & Logistics

In & Out Management –> Stocktaking –>  Identification –> Distribution –> Delivery

Retail Big Data

Commodities Digitalization –>  Supply Chain Digitalization –> Garment Data Management –> RFID Data Center

big data


Inventory accuracy increased to 99%

Inventory reduced by 10% to 20%

The efficiency of receivin and, dispatching goods, and stocktaking has increased by more than 300%

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Logistics efficiency increased by more than 30%

99% reduction in delivery error probability

The probability of abnormal event detection has increased by more than 30%

Improve the Efficiency of Logistics

Sales volume increased by 5% to 20%

Loss and theft of goods reduced by 50% to 70%

10%-25% increased in service efficiency

Improve Sales Volume



Explorable for applications


Easy to integrate

Seamless docking with third-party systems

Improve efficiency


High compatibility

Suitable for multiple platforms and devices


User friendly

Easy for operation

Improve working efficiency


Excellent performance

Excellent solutions for different requireemnts


Customized development

Customizid development is available

Ensure the consistency, stability and reliability of the system

Available RFID Tags For Garment

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