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What Are NFC Stickers?

nfc stickers

The NFC technology makes payment cards, smartphones, wearables, tablets, and other devices even smarter because it is a short-range wireless technology. With NFC technology, you can transfer information between devices quickly and easily with a single touch, whether you are sharing a research paper, paying bills, downloading coupons, or exchanging business cards. NFC technology is made up of a tag, reader, and device.


NFC stickers


NFC stickers are NFC labels with NFC chips embedded in either PET, paper, or other materials. The stickers define the tags that can be applied to store and address the information that is retrieved by NFC-enabled devices like tablets and smartphones. NFC stickers are passive tools that can function without a power supply on their own. These stickers are either round or square-shaped, about the size of a large coin. They allow data transfer between two NFC-enabled devices. To use NFC tags, you either bring your device within four inches of the sticker or tap the sticker with your NFC-enabled device.


Where can NFC stickers be used?


NFC stickers can be used to accomplish numerous tasks including;


  • To turn on your phone’s hotspot

With an NFC sticker, you don’t have to press or tap your phone to turn on the hotspot. You can simply stick it on your laptop and tablet and when you are on the go, simply tap your phone to the tag and it will automatically fire up the phone’s hotspot capability.


  • To share Wi-Fi with friends

With an NFC sticker, you can store your Wi-Fi password on it so that when you need it, you simply move an NFC-enabled device to read it and it will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi.


  • To activate driving mode

An NFC sticker can automatically activate your smartphone’s driving mode. When using writing apps like Trigger on Android, you can achieve a measure of control over your NFC sticker. With this, you can change your phone’s mode by toggling a switch.


  • To advertise your business

When using an NFC sticker to advertise your business, you encode it with your business address probably on Google Maps, and place it with a poster or flyer that is promoting your business. When people scan the tag, it will lead them to your business which saves your potential customers time and effort and makes the business easy to find.


  • For smart directions

You can stick an NFC tag in your car and encode it to load your Google Maps. With the sticker, your phone will automatically load up Google Maps in seconds.


  • To share media content

NFC stickers can be used to further propagate your content by embedding a link to the platform on which your content is hosted on the tag. Thereafter, place the stickers in strategic locations where people frequently visit.


  • To pay for goods and services

NFC payments can be made using various form factors like cards or stickers. The stickers allow contactless payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. These payment services are seeing wide adoption across the world.


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