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What Is An Eco-Friendly Hotel

eco-friendly hotels

Eco-friendly hotels have become an increasingly important growth area in the hospitality industry. In a world of deepening climate crises, these hotels are aligning themselves with the increasing value that guests are putting on a more sustainable and greener lifestyle. Eco-friendly hotels are now more sought after and prioritized because they operate more sustainably. These hotels are designed and operate on having a positive impact on the local community as well as the environment. Hotels need to be eco-friendly. Then what is an eco-friendly hotel?


What is an eco-friendly hotel?

Some hotels have an excellent environment while others have a bad one. So, which one do you prefer? Obviously, the hotels with good environment. Such hotels using products or implementing changes that have positive effects on the environment are considered to be eco-friendly.

All those hotels using biodegradable products and adding positive effects to our environment are eco-friendly. Maybe you can observe some great environments at top-notch hotels but still, there is a need to bring some changes.

Eco-Friendly means those things that have no negative effects on our environment. In other words, those things have positive effects on our surroundings and make them more secure for us. So, the hotel can be eco-friendly when all the equipment or components of it either have no effects on the environment or affect positively.


What do eco-friendly hotels have?

Eco-friendly hotels utilize only those products that have a positive impact on our lives. For example, biodegradable products. Here are some other points regarding the essential component of eco-friendly hotels.

Use BioPaper Hotel Key Card:

Do you know what exactly a BioPaper card is? I suppose an advanced approach to an eco-friendly environment. A perfect alternative to plastic products. Not only it works like plastic but also produces no waste. Here are some main features.

  • Woodless
  • No waste gases
  • No waste materials
  • Works like PVC

This is just an overview of BioPaper. It has a lot of potential qualities that might compel you to use it.

Recycle the products:

Recycling products have two advantages.

  • No waste
  • Saves money

Keeping in mind these aspects, eco-friendly hotels recycle the products. They replace the one-time-use items with reusable products.

Biodegradable elements:

Biodegradable elements are those products that don’t produce waste products. By that means, minimum chances of water pollution. No waterborne diseases are possible. Therefore, biodegradable products are always great. Eco-friendly hotels prefer these products as an alternative to others.

Why it’s important for hotels to be eco-friendly?

A bad environment just kills us, in many ways and many shapes. However, there are impacts of not using eco-friendly products.

Waterborne diseases:

Some products are poisonous. They produce waste chemicals and lead to water pollution. Especially plastic has waste products that can cause water pollution. Not only does water pollution affect life inside water but also causes waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea.


If you use plastic or other products like that, they might contain carcinogenic products. You already know the effects of carcinogenic products – cancer.

Respiratory Problems:

We inhale air. What if it contains poisonous gases? Air Pollution can cause respiratory problems and cause asthma. Therefore, we should avoid using non-biodegradable products.

Water Pollution:

Drinking water? Are you sure it will not affect you? If you live in a hotel where there is the use of non-biodegradable products, water might contain some hazardous compounds.


Now, we know how important it is for hotels to be eco-friendly.

To save on water

An important green management strategy in the hotel sector is water conservation. On a daily operation, the hotel sector consumes intensive amounts of water which depend on occupancy percentage, facilities provided, hotel’s size and capacity, type and standard of services. Hotels can save considerable costs on water bills by using aerators on faucets, installing low-flow showers and toilets, and installing water recycling and filtering systems. Also, recycling the greywater (water from washing fruits and vegetables) for grass irrigation and fixing leaks in baths and toilets regularly. By doing this, they will increase their brand value in the guests’ eyes.

To save on energy

In the hotel industry, one of the most significant areas of environmental management is energy reduction. In different operational areas, hotels consume huge amounts of fossil fuel energy and electricity. Some energy-saving initiatives have been implemented in many hotels. These include using digital thermostats to control guestroom energy consumption, using energy-efficient light bulbs (LED), implementing renewable energy programs (i.e wind and solar power), installing motion sensors that automatically turn lights off in low-traffic areas, installing energy-efficient equipment and appliances, depending on daylight rather than artificial light when cleaning dirty vacant rooms, and installing reflective glass or triple glazed windows.

To create a non-toxic and natural atmosphere

When a hotel is eco-friendly, it commits to non-toxic, greywater-friendly cleaning detergents and products, reusable and recyclable materials, and natural products to reduce polluting the environment. This means everything in the hotel should comply with eco-friendly product guidelines from furniture, shampoos, linens, insulation, and body lotions. For example, guests highly prize natural linens to be more luxurious, therefore, if they are gentle on allergy-prone and sensitive skins, they will improve the guests’ experience. Also, if the cleaning products are greywater friendly and biodegradable, it’s easier for the hotel to reuse wastewater hence reducing water costs.

To sustain local products

Hotels can highlight and support local businesses, farmers, producers, and artisans who utilize sustainable and eco-friendly practices when they source linens, food items, decor, and toiletries from them. This reduces fuel usage and transport costs. Not only is it an effective way of grounding your business in the community but also an eco-friendly move in itself. Also, doing this fosters tourist interest in the culture of the area and what it offers, becoming a unique attraction in and of itself.

To manage waste

The hotel industry is regarded as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions by generating a huge pile of dry waste (e.g paper, metal/cans, cardboard, linen, and plastics) and wet waste (e.g food waste, garden waste, and cooking oil waste) that has led to huge landfills. To achieve sustainability in the hospitality industry, hotel operators adopted various practices such as having colored bins for collecting recyclables, separately collecting organic kitchen waste for soil composting, and purchasing products containing recycled content to reduce hotel wastes. These practices have helped hotels to be eco-friendly as there is minimum to no waste.

Why eco-friendly products are important in the hotel industry?

Nowadays, the phrase ‘eco-friendly hotels’ is becoming more and more popular in research. In the hotel industry, eco-friendly products espouse environmental sustainability as they are environmentally friendly. They have less impact on the environment as they pursue the concept of green living. Today, the importance of eco-friendly products is emphasized in a world where toxic chemicals are found in products. In the hotel industry, the use of eco-friendly products communicates to the customers the importance of conserving and taking care of the environment. Why are eco-friendly products important in the hotel industry?

Saves on energy bills

Due to air conditioners, lighting, and water heating appliances, hotels have unquestionably large expenditures of energy. The hotel can find various eco-friendly products that are alternatives for this. Options like wind power and solar power where the energy is produced from renewable resources don’t have any negative impact on nature. Also, by switching to energy-saving air conditioners, energy-efficient laundry appliances, kitchen appliances, and energy-saving television and LED lights, a lot of energy consumption will be lessened.

Waste management

Products like toiletries, shampoo, and soaps are commonly used in all hotels. Using these products that have biodegradable packaging and are organic will ensure the hotel products are eco-friendly. Also, instead of food wastage flowing into nearby rivers or landfills, the hotel should have proper composting methods in a place like using a 3-stage composting tumbler or bin or burying the food scraps in the dirt. Paper or plastic cups should be supplanted with eco-friendly bio paper takeaway containers or reusable glasses.

Sustainable to the world

In the hotel industry, to ensure a better quality of life, a majority of hotels are using eco-friendly products. Sustainable materials like 100% natural latex should be used in the manufacturing of all the furniture in the hotel. The hotel rooms should have towels, mattresses, and linens made of natural fibers. For the painting, only non-VOC or low-VOC should be used.

They can be re-used

Hotels use utensils, takeaway containers, and dishes that are reusable for dining in or take out. These eco-friendly bio paper products portray the need for conserving the environment. Green seal certified biobased cleaning products like towels, toilet paper, and facial tissue should be used. Non-green toxic laundry and cleaning detergents like petrochemical and chlorine cleaners should be avoided.

They increase brand awareness

When hotels use eco-friendly products, they can boost brand awareness and get recognized. Environmental policies holders and business travelers pay attention to these awards and recommend the hotel to their friends and/or associates. Media coverage is important to the hospitality industry, therefore, an impressive press or media kit of how the hotel’s products are eco-friendly will spread the word.

Improves the environment

The hotel’s indoor environment is greatly improved when they use eco-friendly products. This allows for natural ventilation, lighting, and air quality. These factors not only contribute to a bright area but also a cozy ambiance.

Improves health

Hotels that use eco-friendly products are safe for human usage as the materials used are free of harmful components and chemicals. The eco-friendly products used do not use plastic by-products that release toxic materials. Therefore, the guests are at peace knowing they aren’t exposed to dangerous elements caused by pollution.


What benefits of being an eco-friendly hotel?


You might be having many questions in mind regarding eco-friendly hotels. Why should hotels consider it? No worries. Many reasons that can convince you to do this.

Consumer preferences:

Who prefers a green environment? I suppose everyone does. The better the environment is, the more guests will stay. This will start a chain of referral systems and make your hotel a preference for your customers. A short-term customer will be a long-term one. Isn’t it cool?

Energy Saving:

If you recycle the things or go for a better solution with reusable things, don’t you think it will save your energy resources? Obviously, it does. Moreover, proper waste management will keep the system more efficient and energy-saving.

Long term Monetary solutions:

Why are spending more money by using onetime use products? Make your choices better by employing recycling products. No more expenses. Long-term monetary solution for the hotels.

Healthy environment:

To bring potential guests, a healthy environment is necessary. It will have positive effects on the lives of customers. So, an eco-friendly environment is always great for bringing more customers.


Now, you should know why hotels are going eco-friendly and how to make your hotel eco-friendly. Shall you need any constructive suggestions for upgrading your hotel and improving guests’ experience, feel free to consult our sales expert.

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