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New Product Launches — RFID Paper Card with New Craft

eco rfid paper card

Nexqo launched a new product, RFID paper card. Strictly speaking, it’s not a “new” product, but Nexqo manufactured it with a new craft that to make the cost much lower than those made with traditional crafts.

With this paper card, you hold the key to a “PVC-free” world.

Let’s see what magic this card has.

Why paper cards instead of plastic?

1. Save this planet

White pollution is still spreading all over the world, what we did to the nature will eventually come around to ourselves, then what we can do to save this planet, and to save ourselves?

Our answer is, choose to use a plastic-free product wherever and whenever you need.

2. Similar cost

Traditionally, the cost of RFID paper cards is much higher than plastic cards since they are manufactured by different crafts. Nexqo introduces a new craft to make the paper cards, in this way, we can keep the cost of the RFID paper card similar to a plastic card.

3. Similar physical properties

The paper card looks and feels similar as plastic card, but a little softer and thinner. Just take care and keep it away from water and high humidity environment.

4. Same printing and crafts presentation

CMYK offset printing could be well presented on the paper cards. We also welcome to add any crafts to make your card more impressed.

5. Better RFID performs

Plastic cards are using copper coil antenna, while paper cards are using aluminum etching antenna, which will give a better performance in chip function.

rfid inlay for paper card

Matte only when the overlay is not needed, in this case, the printing will be faded off more quickly; Glossy or matte optional when overlay s needed, in this case, the printing will last longer.

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