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Moscow Will Use RFID Tags to Digitize Urban Facilities

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Russian RFID laboratory “Mikron” has developed a new 3D label “Balchug” for marking urban infrastructure. The label is designed to reliably identify objects with a distance of more than 7 meters and can withstand mechanical stress and weather conditions during inventory and stocktaking.

Since 2015, Mikron has been enjoying preferential production and financial conditions offered by the Moscow Special Economic Zone. As a result, for them, both property and transport are zero tax rates and income tax deductions. This gives them opportunity to develop production by investing in new projects, including the 3D tag “Balchug”. Alexander Prokhorov, head of Moscow’s investment and industrial policy department, explained that they would help protect its infrastructure and improve the satisfactory of the capital’s residents.

The new Mikron M-Tag 3D / 1UD “Balchug” RFID tags are specifically designed to remotely identify small building patterns (MAF) and take into account their applicable conditions. MAF includes small auxiliary building structures and facilities, such as playgrounds, sports equipment, road signs, stairs, fountains, pavilions and other facilities.

This RFID label has stable performance on the combined surface of plastic, wood, metal and other objects, and has 128bit EPC memory with a unique ID code. The inspection and recording of MAF is carried out through the mobile terminal, and the working frequency is 865-868MHz (RFID UHF). The rugged and ergonomically designed plastic housing provides a high level of resistance and mechanical protection and is easy to install, with holes for bolted connections, rivets, straps, screws or adhesives.

Volosov, sales Director of Mikron RFID and IT, said: “We are pleased to present the development of the MAF tag to Moscow on the occasion of the 873rd anniversary of the founding of Moscow, named after an iconic and challenging place in Moscow, where the new label passed its first field test. The small building model plays an important role in the urban environment, while the modern urban environment needs digital infrastructure. Our new label is part of this infrastructure and helps effectively maintain growing facility assets as needed, optimize costs and save time. “

Degdiv, general manager of Moscow Economic and Technological Development Zone, said: “the enterprises of Moscow Economic and Technological Zone are implementing positive solutions in the capital. Mikron is one of the main developers of travel cards, bank card chips, electronic passes and other products that Muscovites use every day. The new product is another important contribution to maintaining and improving the appearance of the city. “

Mikron’s series of labels are designed to mark street objects and MAF, to meet all the requirements for use in urban environments, including conditions for extensive and intensive use in public places, stadiums and social infrastructure.

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