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Mini Ceramic RFID Tag Developed for Tracking in Aerospace Industry

rfid tag used in aerospace

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a wireless communication technology that transmits IC chip information in RFID tags to readers and is widely used in retail products such as commodity labels and traffic IC cards. With the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the use of RFID in automobiles, industrial automation, and medical fields is spreading.

With the continuous expansion of RFID applications, the demand for durability such as heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, and long-distance communication has been increasing.

In aerospace industry, safety is always the priority. In the MRO service of aircraft and spacecraft, any object that does not belong to its proper location poses a high risk to safety – foreign objects that are forgotten after the aircraft is repaired. It is estimated that the annual cost of the global aviation industry is about 1 billion euros.

In order to avoid FOD, Kyocera has developed a new mini ceramic UHF RFID tags, which is a metal tool for identifying and tracking aerospace industry. RFID tags can be installed to the tools during the manufacturing process. The label can withstand harsh environments, including punching and dirt, without affecting reading performance. In addition to tracking metal tools, it is also possible to use RFID technology to track aircraft components. RFID tags can be attached to components during production or repair services. This tag can withstand variation of temperature that occurs during flight. This makes it possible to track the path of different aircraft components.

The product uses a thin multi-layer structure to optimize the antenna design, thus effectively extending the communication distance. Usually, a normal RFID label cannot communicate with the reader if it is used on metal because the metal has the property of shielding electromagnetic waves. But this kind of ceramic RFID tag being used on metal will reach the longest distance because of its charateristics, so it is suitable for metal product management in a wide range of fields such as automobile, industrial automation and medical.

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