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RFID Used in Attendance Management Solution

rfid in attendance system

For enterprises, access control and attendance management system is widely applied to data collection and recording, information query and attendance statistics for employees’ commuting to and off work; automation of the salary settlement process and modernization of personnel management.

Active card swiping is used in most traditional attendance management systems , which requires employees to take a work card to swipe in front of the card reader. This traditional attendance management system has the following disadvantages for large enterprises, the first reason is that it wastes a lot of time for all employees to queue up and swipe their cards in a short time; the other reason is that it is hard to record and track inquiries of employees in various office areas or plant areas during working hours .

In order to solve the above problems, the company has developed an open channel intelligent attendance management system. This system is based on RFID technology, combined with automatic control technology, computer technology, and wireless communication technology. It provides a set of practical and feasible Cost-effective, safe and reliable management plan.

Application process

  1. Card making process

Every employee needs a work card inserted with an RFID electronic tag to identify. As a data carrier for attendance or e-payment in dining hall, the shape of the tag can be encapsulated according to requirements. The frequently used PVC package is the same size as an ordinary bank card. Infomations will be printed on front side, such as employee’s photo, job number, name, department and other personal data, logos and precautions of company will be printed on back side. Regards to employee information, it will be encoded inside the label memory through card issuing machine.

rfid information processed work flow
rfid information collected work flow
  1. Register attendance

Install an open channel attendance machine at the office building gate or plant entrance, employees will pass through get off work, the system will automatically record attendance information, employees not have to stay and queue. In addition, an LED display can be added to show the employees who are currently registered for attendance.

  1. Company visitors

Visitors are given temporary authorized card, when guest arrives at the office building. “Welcome” characteristics and guest information will be shown on LED, which means visitors are allowed  to go into office area. If entering a non-allowed place, the system will issue a warning.

rfid procedure

After using this solution, companies could no longer see the situation where employees line up to check attendance. The benefits are not only time-saving, but also more convenient for the company’s management, which can provide managers with various An accurate statistical report provides a scientific basis for management scheduling.

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