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RFID Has Been Used in Tire Industry

rfid used in tire industry

With the creation of the quality standard system of RFID electronic tag for tires, the tire manufacturing industry has the standard in RFID application. RFID electronic tags are used as data identification carrier of tire, so that tires have a unique sign of project life cycle. According to the information collection of terminal equipment, integration of supporting management system software, it can complete the track and record of tire production and manufacturing information, marketing information, application, renovation, fee information and other tire life cycle data. And can be loaded anytime, anywhere, tire management methods will become more and more informationized, transparent. The shortcoming be solved from the source in the whole process of management methods produce confusion, it provide a new management mechanism for tire manufacturing and application.


  1. The application in tire manufacturing

RFID electronic tags will be embedded in the tire forming process, and granted its unique identification number and original information. Then you can control, manage and collect the information in semi-products, quality inspection and other manufacturing stages. This would help the information collecting and analysis, and change the situation of omission of manual data record and lack of efficiency.


  1. The application in tire storage & logistics process

In the whole process of logistics & storage of tires manufacturing, the tire’s date of production, batch number, model specification and manufacturer information can be gained through RFID scanning, and then complete the warehouse access, summary and other practical operations.. This management of inventory could help the manufacturers to prevent inventory backlog, shortage to control cost.


  1. The application in the whole process of tire sales

According to the RFID information, you can find the different agents, different regions of tire list information and carry out analysis, and then reasonably avoid the agent’s market disturbing action. When a claim is generated, according to the information in the RFID chip, it is possible to quickly trace the relevant logistics and manufacturing information list and present the data for the claim. In the marketing part, the integration of RFID electronic tag information and relative intelligent management system, it can complete claims data, customer relationship management, tire inventory and multi-dimensional analysis of tire production & quality, which could help the company’s decision-making.



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