RFID Solution for Warehouse

warehouse management

The application of RFID in digital warehouse management is another innovation in the industry and a new application of RFID in the industry.
The application of RFID technology in warehousing not only retains the advantage of high efficiency of RFID in the
project, but also plays an effective role in promoting digital warehousing.

Component of the RFID Warehouse Management

rfid tag


rfid handheld reader

RFID Handheld Reader

rfid folklift reader

RFID Folklift Reader

rfid reader

RFID Fixed Reader



Work Flow

smart warehouse work flow

Goods storage, palletizing: detecting the bar code information on each cargo, each group of goods bar code information to form a data packet, to achieve the pallet as a unit to manage the goods.


Pallet space allocation: after completing the palletizing, the warehousing management system will automatically allocate a cargo space for the pallet; at the same time, the RFID forklift reader reads the RFID label to obtain the goods space that the pallet should be placed, and instruct the forklift operator to place it in the correct position.


Pallet operation: after the forklift puts the pallet on the space, read the location information and check whether the pallet has been placed in the correct position. Meanwhile, the forklift operator will update the location information in the RFID label.


System management: system management includes warehouse information data statistics, cargo inventory, pallet information adjustment, information query, etc.


Picking off shelves: when an order is received, the system will assign work to the designated forklift, and the forklift reader will receive the task. At this time, the forklift reader will update the information in the location tag.


Goods-out: after the forklift removes the specified pallet, the system will instruct the forklift to transport the pallet to the exit. After arriving at the exit, the RFID fixed reader will read the pallet RFID label information, and upload the information to the server.


The use of RFID labels can improve the accuracy of warehousing management.


System runs through the storage, warehousing, inventory, logistics, etc.


RFID middleware has super expansibility and facilitates the docking of various systems.


Realizes the unified management of “goods-goods location-personnel-tasks”

Smarter Management

Adopting the use of RFID technology in libraries can improve the speed and accuracy of circulation and shelving
functions. This not only frees the library staff to provide direct service to its users but also helps to protect a library’s collection and ensures the community gets the most value out of the library.

Available RFID Tags For Warehouse Management

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