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How’s RFID Used In The Hospitality Industry?

rfid and hospitality

The hospitality industry is beginning to realize the huge benefits of using RFID technology. The industry is constantly engaging with innovative technologies to enhance the customer experience, to stand out in a competitive environment. Therefore, more hotels are now adopting RFID solutions as its the best technology available for inventory management and asset tracking. Hotels can highly benefit from a smart inventory as they deal with hundreds of assets that are constantly moving in and out of their premises. This can enable them to optimize maintenance and replacement, reduce losses, discourage theft, keep track of each item in their inventory, improve safety, and implement better sustainability practices. RFID is used in the hospitality industry for;


Access control


Hotels use key cards for access control and RFID cards which are new in the market, have proven to be more durable than the existing key cards. Even though they are expensive, RFID-enabled cards can not only give access to certain areas in the hotel premises but also can be used to pay for certain services and access the hotel’s WiFi. They allow guests to go cashless and keyless and are light to carry along. Just swipe the card on the reader and you are granted access.


Asset tracking


Luxurious hotels have lots of valuable items and the spreadsheet technique for asset tracking is not an effective tool to take care of the items. Therefore, it is crucial to track every asset. With RFID software, hotels can keep track and also keep information about who has used it last time. The software improves asset management and inventory management to increase their return on investment. Hotels can also track employees through RFID-enabled cards. These cards provide a real-time location, employee’s attendance, and keep track if any of the employees are trying to make unauthorized access in a restricted area.


Increasing customer experience


To upgrade customer experiences and enhance operational efficiencies, the hospitality industry is consistently looking for cost-saving approaches. With RFID software, the hotel management can know how much time the customer waits after ordering food and how that time can be reduced. Customer service in the hospitality industry is a big factor that is considered the heart of the industry. Hotels get to understand their customers using RFID technology which may be in form of enabled wristbands or enabled cards. They can keep track of their guest activity and with this information and they can better their activities to create a great customer experience.


Inventory control and tracking


For keeping track of inventory, hotels should implement an RFID asset tracking system. It can be hectic and an exhausting job for hotels that don’t take care of inventories without taking software assistance. With RFID software, hotels can take care of inventories including staff uniforms, towels, bedsheets, silverware, and electronic equipment. RFID-labeled items not only keep track of them but also assist in cleaning them properly via the RFID label. It also ensures safe inventory and clean laundry products are always accessible and their shrinkage can be decreased.




Numerous hotel tasks can be disentangled using RFID software. The software can make stock control simpler, easier to track your business and upgrade your visitor experience. RFID software can also be used for maintenance management as the tag can store information about maintenance activities.


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