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How Is RFID Used For Anti-Counterfeiting?

rrfid for anti-counterfeiting

Across the globe, customers choose certain brand names because they know that the name stands for quality. For RFID applications, anti-counterfeiting has become a fast-growing field. To prevent identity theft and fraud, anti-counterfeiting is a demanding security feature for new RFID applications such as tollway payment, access control key cards, and credit cards. RFID tags are becoming very popular for people looking for tools for the identification of products. The small microchip onboard offers functionality that can be used for security purposes. The chip functionality makes it possible to detect and prevent counterfeiting as it verifies the authenticity of a product.


How does RFID anti-counterfeiting work?


For an RFID anti-counterfeiting system, the reader interrogates a tag for both identification and also, for verifying the identity. In some cases, before RF contact, the reader may already know the tag’s identity. Therefore, the RFID tag is used for additional authentication. Any information associated with the property of the tag bearer is the identity that is protected. The RF information complicates the forgery process as it provides a digital fingerprint for these credentials.


Where can RFID anti-counterfeiting system be used?


1. Merchandise chains

Before a product gets to its distribution center, it passes through many channels. Some of these entities are operated individually. Therefore, the integrity of a tagged product should be maintained to ensure that the data obtained by the manufacturer from tags, are authentic. On the other hand, pharmaceutical products are amongst the most expensive retail merchandise, therefore, many countries are using RFID tags to prevent counterfeit and adulterated pharmaceutical products that have high development and manufacturing costs. Drug counterfeiting is increasingly threatening consumer rights and public health. Implementing RFID technology in the inventory and prescription of pharmaceutical products can identify and automate them in a shorter time with a higher level of accuracy.


2. Sensoring network

To detect and report highway crashes, RFID tags can be integrated with wireless mesh networks and crash sensors. The RFID tags are installed on utility pools, guardrails, and other roadside structures. These tags, with a sensor inside, can detect an impact and send it to the nearby remote transmission unit. A large collision may trigger most RFID sensors that are along the guardrails while a small collision may only trigger a few. In contrast, anti-counterfeiting RFID tags can be used to improve the sensitivity of the system to reduce false alarms.


3. Financial credentials

Countries reporting high rates of circulation of counterfeit banknotes, are implementing RFID tags to defend against a variety of monetary crimes such as money laundering, forgery, and money smuggling. Compared with traditional magnetic strip swapping cards, the contactless credit card system empowered by RFID technology speeds up the checkout process.


4. Access control and personal identification

RFID contactless keycards are used by many hotels and companies for building access. The cards are more expensive to copy, they have many security advantages, and are easy to disable after being lost.

Alternatively, to improve the integrity of passports, a 64-kilobyte RFID chip is integrated into the passport, containing the passport holder’s personal information including; gender, name, date of birth, a digital photo of the passport holder, nationality, and place of birth. This data will match the data printed on the passport’s paper. RFID technology is in use to improve the security of the passport making them difficult for criminals to forge.


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