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Top 7 Benefits Of Using RFID Technology

rfid technology

All businesses of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of RFID technology which will allow them to reduce cost by automating processes, rapidly improve efficiency, and improve utilization of assets and quality. Throughout the business, the RFID system is a highly versatile technology with applications from controlling manufacturing processes to distribution. Therefore, not only is RFID technology at the heart of the Internet of Things, but also it can form the basis of an effective asset management system. The following are 7 of the top benefits of using RFID technology.


1. Eliminate human error


Manual labor has always involved some level of risk for human error. With RFID, data can be read automatically by the reader, therefore, no human intervention is necessary to read data. Data is collected and uploaded electronically with RFID technology. Therefore, RFID not only saves on labor but also increases accuracy by eliminating the errors that come with product replenishment and manual data logging.


2. Managing inventory and tracking assets


For most organizations, keeping track of materials and assets is a challenge. RFID technology offers a fast and reliable way to track them without having to count each item. With the technology, you can immediately know the item, type, and stage it is in the process. You can also track items from when they were received into stores, issued to manufacturing, and through distribution. This makes it easy to perform stock checks, audits, and manage inventory. RFID technology can also help to find items that are on site but have been misplaced.


3. Increasing operational efficiency


RFID technology requires less monitoring hence it frees up employees to handle other tasks and focus on more productive efforts. Additionally, it doesn’t require any direct line of sight to read tags, therefore, many tags can be read at once. Also, you can set up the RFID reader to automatically read tag data when you need it to.


4. Cost-efficient


RFID applications can automatically track the movement of goods and upload the information to the financial management system. Therefore, you can replace outdated spreadsheets and remove the need for manual form filling. Using fixed readers at key points can save more time, especially on a production line, and remove the need for manual intervention completely.


5. Guarantees access to real-time data


In tough environments, RFID technologies offer reliable track-and-trace. The technology can easily track and provide real-time data about product location and inventory. The data can also be shared with customers. You can benefit from automatic real-time data collections whether you are tracking individual products or large asset inventory.


6. Shorter processes


RFID technologies can reduce the time from order to dispatch and delivery when integrated with other supply chain or manufacturing technologies such as stock-picking systems and automated pallet handling.


7. Good Returns On Investment (ROI)


RFID technology is cost-effective, especially if your company has to go through a lot of processes during production or it is incredibly busy. With the above qualities, investing in a good RFID technology makes it a worthy investment.




RFID technology can also withstand tough conditions such as drastic temperature fluctuations, rough handling, high humidity, extremely high temperatures,  exposure to chemicals, and sunlight. Encapsulated RFID tags are specifically designed to survive and perform reliably in the most challenging environments.


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