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Can Plastic Cards Be Laminated?

plastic card lamination

Lamination is a holographic or clear layer of film that is applied to the top of a printed card for protection. Plastic cards can be laminated and laminating them will be beneficial to both the business and its management. Cards that are swiped in a magnetic stripe reader may not last long if they’re not laminated.


Why is lamination needed on plastic cards?


Lamination is needed on plastic cards because it makes the cards more professional. It also increases the durability and strength of the card. Lamination shields the images and printing on the card as it acts as surface protection against sun damage, staining, or creasing. Lamination, in the long run, saves money as the cards are protected. They will last longer so you won’t need to replace them often.


Types of lamination


1. Glossy lamination

It’s a popular choice as it makes pictures and writings appear sharper and crisper whilst also having more contrast. Glossy laminates are a durable choice as it repels fingerprints, dirt, and dust with ease. The glossy texture allows you to easily clean any dust or dirt. Gloss laminate enhances the card’s design as the gloss finish reflects the light to make all colors eye-catching and vivid. The images appear sharper with an overall vibrant finish as the colors look deeper with cleaner lines. The images and content on a glossy finish will strike the targeted audience more effectively.


2. Matte lamination

It is a common choice for many as it gives a sophisticated and elegant finish. The matte laminate gives a more ‘natural’ look compared to other types. Matte finish can produce lower contrast on darker colors and provide a softer look. For numerous users, the texture of a matt laminate is velvety which makes it a pleasant handling experience. This gives a subtle, smooth texture to your card. It is great for plastic cards to give a feel of quality to the print. Matte laminate applies an extremely thin coating to the card which gives the card a longer life. The matte laminate finish offers a high-class prestigious feel if you are aiming for cards with a more sophisticated finish.


3. Frosted lamination

Frosted laminate aims at making the plastic card more durable and stronger. Frosted has a more rough exterior and a superior quality which makes the finish of the card more attractive and is deemed as being a premium option. The finish is rough and natural-looking. This finish is commonly used on business cards or hotel key cards. The frosted laminate finish provides a deeper and richer look to printed materials which can easily wow a target audience. Frosted laminate has a non-glossy effect, striking yet elegant appearance, and scratch-resistant surface that add depth to your printed graphics.




If you want your card to stand out, gloss laminate is the preferred choice. The price of any lamination job depends on the number of sheets, the type of laminate used, and the sheet size. However, depending on how much protection you would like, you can choose to cover one or both sides.


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