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Difference Between RFID Blocking Cards And Sleeves?

rfid blocking card & sleeve

With more products in the market today that use RFID technology, many people are questioning their security. RFID blocking cards and RFID blocking sleeves are used to block RFID transmissions though they are different in how they work. These two have highly enhanced the security of items that use RFID technology from theft, ID scanning, and unauthorized payments.


What is RFID blocking card?


An RFID blocking card works by emitting a counter-signal to jam the communication between a reader and the card after drawing power from the scanner. The card protects the surrounding cards within a 2-inch radius. It can stop the transmission of personal information to a remote RFID device. The card is the same size as a credit card and works on both 136 MHz and 125 kHz. They protect your cards data from criminals who skim and steal your personal financial information.


How does RFID blocking card work?


RFID blocking cards work by effectively preventing the scanning function on a card by either transmitting a signal or deflecting/blocking RFID signals that will interfere with the reader. An RFID blocking card stops fraud or theft of data, ID, and money. The card offers protection for all contactless cards. An RFID blocking card can be placed alongside your contactless cards in either your ID holder, purse, or wallet.


What is RFID blocking sleeve?


An RFID blocking sleeve blocks RFID signals using electromagnetic enclosure technology called a Faraday cage. This technology protects the credit cards from electric charges as it makes them electromagnetically opaque by distributing electrostatic charges or radiation around the cage’s exterior. The blocking sleeve is a cardholder that acts as a Faraday cage that stops signals from being sent or received by your card, helping you to keep your data, money, and identity safe from intrusion attempts.


How does RFID blocking sleeve work?


For key-less entry systems and contactless payments, RFID technology is common. Conversely, criminals can read a card, extract information from it, and potentially defraud the cardholder when they are armed with a decryption tool and a card reader. RFID blocking sleeves are lined with a special material such as carbon fiber that blocks your card’s radio frequency from transmitting. They form a shield around your RFID cards and make them unreadable until removed. RFID blocking sleeves feature a metallic lining that places a barrier between your cards and any unauthorized permit readers. Just by slipping your card into the sleeve, it is instantly protected. The sleeves are slim enough to slip inside your purse or wallet and are majorly made for effective protection on the go. When in need of using the card, remove it from the sleeve and you use it as normal.




RFID blocking cards and sleeves effectively prevent the scanning function on a passport or card. With an RFID reader, a person could steal your credit card number or personal information just by walking by you. Credit card fraud and identity theft are real dangers that can be avoided by using an RFID blocking card or sleeve.


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