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How Can RFID Card Be Used For Attendance?

rfid for attendance

In any educational institution, either school, university, or college, attendance management is very crucial. Teachers can keep a tab on student activities through the daily student attendance. The daily attendance performance also enables parents to understand whether their children attend their class regularly and are attentive towards studies. Conversely, managing the daily attendance of thousands of students is quite a challenging task for teachers. The traditional means of registering daily students’ attendance is not only tremendous manual work but also may result in errors. An RFID-based attendance system automates the students’ attendance process enabling parents and teachers to monitor and track students’ activities effortlessly. Besides student attendance management, the RFID attendance system can also be used to track the attendance of staff or faculty, simplifying the payroll management procedure.


How does RFID attendance system work?


Every cardholder has a unique card number for each student/staff. The RFID card readers are mounted at a common entrance or in each classroom. When students or staff arrive, they are required to show the RFID card to the reader to mark their arrival and departure. The management can immediately verify the attendance of workers or students when they place their ID cards on the reader. RFID attendance system provides wireless identification of stakeholders when they fall in the radiofrequency range of the RFID attendance reader. The staff or students need to carry the RFID tag that contains unique information about them such as section/class, ID number, or name to mark the attendance automatically. The RFID attendance system reader automatically registers the attendance and saves the attendance data in the ERP system. The administrator can extract the data to get a summary of the student attendance history anytime and keep a tab on them as well as staff attendance for payroll management.


What components are required?


The RFID-based attendance system is made up of three components; tags (RFID ID cards), readers, and the host computer system. The RFID ID cards are made up of an integrated antenna and memory. The information can be written and rewritten on tag memory. The RFID reader is a device that is used to read RFID tag (ID card) data. The reader has an antenna that emits radio waves; the tag responds by sending back data stored into the reader. The host computer reads/writes data from/to the tags through the reader. Through the RFID attendance tag host computer stores and evaluates obtained students’ attendance data and links the transceiver to applications.


Benefits of using RFID card attendance system


a)For administrators

  • They get notified when students/ staff enter restricted areas of the premise
  • Save efforts and resources to manage student/staff attendance and records
  • Generates the Management Information System’s (MIS) report automatically and without any errors.
  • Boosts work efficiency and eliminate complete paperwork
  • Sends a notification to parents about students’ chronic absenteeism
  • Notifies about absent students automatically by sending alerts
  • Monitor students/staff activities in real-time


b)For students/staff

  • Notification about entry and exit in the classroom/premise
  • RFID based attendance system is automatic, therefore, no roll calls required
  • Ensures real-time and accurate daily attendance



RFID attendance system manages, records, and organizes attendance without any errors.


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