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How Can BioPaper Be Used For Access Control

biopaper card and access control

To regulate individuals that can view, use, or have access to a restricted environment as a security measure, access control is mandatory. For the door access control system, RFID technology is used to enable the exchange of data between key cards and readers. The RFID cards made with BioPaper are not only eco-friendly but also waterproof. Being the 1st plastic-like paper card, BioPaper RFID cards are made from naturally occurring sources. They can be detected by a reader up to a few feet away making them ideal for use in access control systems.

BioPaper RFID cards

The RFID cards allow devices to communicate with each other via radio waves. RFID communicates with chips that distinguish between active and passive devices. BioPaper RFID cards are passive devices meaning they don’t need a continuous power source. They remain inactive most of the time. The RFID cards don’t need to be charged or have batteries for them to work. The range of an RFID object can theoretically extend to 10-20 meters distance, depending on the frequency of the RFID chip.

How do BioPaper RFID cards work?

For any business in any industry, accountability and security are paramount. To identify a cardholder the BioPaper RFID cards have a unique code embedded on a chip. A Radio Frequency (RF) energy field is constantly emitted every time the card reader places the card on the door. When the card crosses the field, a copper wire inside the card is energized, which powers the chip containing the card number and any other unique data. Using the RF field, the unique information is transmitted back to the reader. In a split second, the reader sends the unique information to the access control system which decides whether the cardholder is authorized to gain access.

Safety with BioPaper RFID cards for access control

In the workplace precautions are mandatory. To provide another layer of protection from the unknown by controlling access to individual offices, exterior doors, and even the entire areas guarantees safety. RFID cards reduce the chance of unauthorized entrance, keep the entrance doors locked at all times, keep the employees safe at all times, and give them access only to the areas needed. Additionally, access systems keep confidential information safe, keep everyone accountable, and valuable inventory/ equipment safe. Revoking or issuing access can be controlled immediately as personnel comes and go. The BioPaper RFID cards show the exact times a user has accessed an area and they can be modified for revised access or disabled altogether. During emergencies, the entire facility can be put on lockdown and give an account of all employees present. For the overall security plan, it’s ideal to have RFID card access with video surveillance.

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