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Why BioPaper Card Is The Most Eco-Friendly Card?

biopaper and carbon footprint

Across the world, BioPaper is slowly gaining popularity as an eco-friendly material. People all over the world are becoming more environmentally conscious of their daily activities in efforts to conserve and protect the environment. Access control cards and key cards are the most used cards in today’s era. The manufacture, usage, and disposal of these cards have greatly caused environmental pollution. BioPaper’s main raw material is calcium carbonate which provides the paper with improved printability due to its good ink receptivity, opacity, and high brightness. The following are reasons why the BioPaper card is the most eco-friendly card;

a) It’s woodless

BioPaper is made from naturally occurring resource which is 100% naturally derived. Therefore, there is no need for deforestation during the production of BioPaper.


b) It’s naturally-derived

For the production of BioPaper, the whole process is much more eco-friendly unlike the production of traditional paper. Production of BioPaper saves close to 2.4 million trees yearly and 24 million liters of fresh water. The production process produces no wastewater, no waste residue, or gas making the process pollution-free and eco-friendly.


c) Simple production process

Since its raw materials are naturally derived, and the production of BioPaper material and BioPaper cards is much simpler than other cards like PVC and paper cards, which makes it the most energy-saving in all cards’ production.


d) The least pollution

All through the life cycle of PVC cards results in the release of toxic, chlorine-based chemicals that can lead to severe health problems. Compared to other cards that not only harm the environment but also cause respiratory and health issues to human beings, BioPaper is the least environmental pollutant. The manufacture and disposal of BioPaper cards are eco-friendly. Therefore, using BioPaper cards saves aquatic life, keeps the oceans and rivers clean, saves trees.


e) It’s durable

PVC cards don’t stand up well when in low temperature as they weaken and can easily break or crack. With BioPaper cards, they can withstand an extremely low temperature and the card will not turn fragile due to the material is flexible. Besides, the cards have a perfect printing effect and are waterproof.



To conserve the environment, it’s important to embrace eco-friendly practices. BioPaper cards can be customized and engraved with details of your liking and are eco-friendly throughout their life cycle.


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