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How Can Hotels Be More Sustainable? (2021-2025)

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In recent times, many luxury hotels have adopted a ton of green initiatives to control their environmental impact. This is a good thing altogether. Some of them have gone as far as rolling out sustainable initiatives like the use of BioPaper key cards.

While such an initiative by one hotel is not good enough, we must all agree that what is sustainable for one business entity might not work the same for the other. Perhaps that is why there is a lack of consistency yet in going green altogether in the hospitality industry. With that said, here are some of the ways to make hotels more environmentally friendly.

How to Make Hotels More Environmentally Friendly

Hotels have a lot to play in safeguarding the environment. Especially if they all found sustainable and more affordable ways to go green. It is so sad that many could do exactly that except that a line is drawn where affordability comes into play. Especially for the small-scale hotel entities. With that said, here’s is what they all can adopt to make our planet a better place.

1. Energy Saving

If hotels can resort to energy-saving technologies, this wouldn’t have to be a farfetched ideology. Energy-efficient appliances are the only way to go. For example, using energy-saving heating and cooling systems will play a huge role in environmental conservation.

2. Sustainable Waste Management

Hotels top the list when it comes to the production of waste. They create so much waste compared to many other similar industries. Embracing recycling instead of waste disposal can make such a huge difference for the environment. One of the best ways to do this is by doing away with plastic bottles and containers and introducing reusables.

3. Recycling

As mentioned above, introducing reusable containers, bags, and bottles is one of the splendid ways for hotels to go green. This will help limit disposable products which are otherwise a major threat to the environment. One of the creative ways hotels can adopt this is by introducing branded reusable containers, bags, and bottles which will be more appealing to the members of the public.

4. Limit Use of Plastics

Adopting eco-friendly material in place of plastic when designing hotels’ products is an excellent way to go green. For example, using the BioPaper Key card to replace the traditional PVC is a great way to create a pollution-free entity.

5. Involve the Guests

Making guests’ services eco-friendly is the best way to go. Involving them in this great cause is even better. Endeavor to make your guests’ rooms more green but have sustainability in mind. Always encourage your guests to switch off lights and appliances when they are not using them. Introduce sensors to warn the guests when they are overusing the power.

6. Keep a Green Mind Among the Whole Hotel

It all starts with you! Approach this initiative with a leadership mind and let everyone else follow in your footsteps. Create a team specially for this initiative and involve every employee and even the guests for a bigger difference.

In Conclusion

Environmental protection is a responsibility for every one of us. Even though one person can initiate it, every one of us should join in to make a difference. Hotels are responsible for society therefore they should be the key players in the cause. Whether you are a hotelier or just a person, let’s all protect the environment to create a brighter future for generations to come!


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