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What Are The Applications of BioPaper

application of BioPaper

Have you ever learned a Green hotel aimed to promote sustainable eco-friendly materials and resources?

If yes then you might have noticed a drastic change in the materials and services offered in these eco-friendly hotels. For example, they are using solar power to lighten up rooms, promoting energy-saving technologies, reducing the wastage of water, setting up recycling units, abandoning the usage of disposable crockery & plastic key cards, offering discounts to clients for embracing eco-friendly habits at hotels and others. The usage of BioPaper material is also one on the list as an alternative to PVC or BioPVC. All this mindset shift and changes are due to the rise of global warming and the negative impacts of the hotel industry on the environment. In this blog post, I will tell you about the revolutionary BioPaper material and its applications.

What is BioPaper?

BioPaper is an eco-friendly material developed by the researchers of Nexqo as an alternative to PVC. It’s made from 100% naturally occurring resources, which makes it biodegradable and extremely safe for humans since there are no toxins or chemicals used in its production. It’s a green alternative to PVC that can be used in place of hotel key cards. Unlike PVC, it is bio-degradable into the environment within one year and a half.

The material is very sturdy and doesn’t get soggy when wet since it’s plastic-like material. It can be composted in biological waste management systems or landfills. Unlike plastic materials, the BioPaper material does not emit harmful gases, even if it’s burned. The burning of BioPaper will produce only water, CO2, and ashes. So it is 100% eco-friendly and is becoming popular in several industries.

What are the applications of BioPaper?

Now that you know what BioPaper is, let me tell you about its uses in different industries.

As the latest eco-friendly material, it can perfectly replace PVC. All the products that are made with the PVC or BioPVC can be made with this material. The identification cards, access control cards, public transportation cards, and other cards are made up of PVC can be replaced with BioPaper material to minimize the carbon footprint and negative environmental impacts of PVC.

The use cases for BioPaper:

The following are some popular use cases of BioPaper.

  • public transportation card
  • hotel key card
  • staff ID card
  • student id card
  • RFID ticket (for access control and payment)
  • RFID wristband for amusement parks (for access control and payment)

Public transportation card:

BioPaper cards are replacing the traditional public transportation cards, as a replacement for conventional PVC cards. This new environmentally friendly alternative ensures that there will be no leakage of plasticizers into the environment, which occurs with conventional cards.

Hotel key card:

The key cards are usually made up of PVC or BioPVC material. But not anymore since BioPaper Hotel Key Cards are becoming popular in many hotels around the world. These hotel companies are trying to replace their traditional products with new eco-friendly products.

Staff and students id cards:

Id cards are usually made of PVC materials, with the introduction of BioPaper, it will not be that popular as before. These new Eco-friendly ID cards ensure that employers, schools, and universities minimize the carbon footprint on the environment by switching to this new sustainable material that doesn’t emit harmful gases.

RFID ticket:

It is a product used for access control and payment in amusement parks, stadiums, and music concerts. As the evolution of BioPaper continues there have been developments in RFID technologies too. It includes many applications such as identification cards, hotel room key cards, public transportation passes, parking ticketing systems, etc. RFID ticket is a new application of BioPaper material. So, you can see BioPaper is not only suitable for ID cards and keycards but also for other uses such as access control and payment in public transportation systems or amusement parks.

RFID wristband:

These are the latest Eco-friendly products that are made from Bio Paper material. It is now used instead of PVC wristbands in events, music concerts, and other places where spectators require an easy way to get in and out of the stadium or event area.

These are some of the popular use cases for BioPaper. You can see how this new green technology is becoming successful all over the world. So, if you are also thinking to introduce BioPaper cards or BioPaper products into your business, it will surely attract more customers. For more information and to find out the exact eco-friendly solution for your businesses visit here.

It will be our pleasure to guide you in the right direction.

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