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How Should Hotels Enhance Their Eco-Friendly Brand Attitude?

hotel ecofriendly brand attitude

Hotels all around the world are rolling out a surfeit of green initiatives like solar power installations, BioPaper key cards, and smart showers. By implementing some strategies to bring sustainable best practices to the hotel, the go-green initiative is now achievable. Through green best practices in logistics, maintenance, supplies, products, and services, hotels can significantly reduce the environmental impact with an aim of saving energy, reducing waste, and cutting down on water usage. This will also reduce the environmental damage, win goodwill from hotel guests, and lower overhead and maintenance costs. What is achievable for most hotels?

  • Implement the use of BioPaper key cards

Being a woodless paper, the BioPaper material is gaining popularity in today’s hotel industry. The BioPaper has greatly supported the go-green initiative as its main raw materials used for production are natural occurring resources. BioPaper is degradable and one can either burn it directly without creating any toxic gases. It’s also very safe and healthy for human use. The production of BioPaper key cards reduces the need for deforestation, water, and gas wastage. The BioPaper key cards are more durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant than traditional paper key cards.  These key cards will help you gain access to certain areas of the hotel complex electronically. The BioPaper key cards have a perfect printing effect like offset printing, UV printing, and digital printing. Therefore, they can have information imprinted on them like the room number and hotel details like phone number, email address, and social media pages.

  • BioPaper hotel business cards

Business cards are essential networking tools for hotels and other professionals. The hotel business cards can be made with high-quality BioPaper type. These business cards made of BioPaper can be printed and customized with the hotel’s contact details, logo, and website. These cards are eco-friendly to use. BioPaper comes in different colors and its characters make the cards sturdier. BioPaper has the perfect printing effect and a smooth finish. This makes them more durable.

  • BioPaper brochures

A hotel brochure is an important marketing tool used to advertise, inform, educate and sell the facilities available in the hotel. Having brochures that can withstand constant handling, are appealing, and waterproof is key in maintaining the hotel’s brand image. BioPaper eco-friendly brochures that can be disposed of without polluting the environment are great for enhancing a hotel’s eco-friendly brand attitude. No need for deforestation or water wastage to produce the BioPaper brochures as the raw materials are 100% naturally derived.

  • BioPaper NFC cards

From interaction with the NFC cards, hotel guests can take away information about the hotel. These cards can foster customer relationships resulting in increasing brand loyalty and customer retention. The NFC chip embedded in BioPaper comes in different sizes and shapes and are ideal for linking the hotel’s WiFi quickly, or calling the hotel without inputting numbers manually. These cards can be custom printed with the hotel’s graphics and logo. The cards are a perfect marketing tool and can personalize a guest’s experience at the hotel. The BioPaper NFC cards to some extent are more secure than RFID cards and they not only help hotel guests gain entry to hotel rooms but also can be used to make payments.


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