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Why BioPaper Is The Best Material For Hotel Key Cards?

best material for hotel key cards

To electronically gain access to a hotel room or certain areas of the hotel complex, you will require to have a hotel key card. The key card is a simpler design than that of a key but has a lot of benefits to both the hotel’s clients and the hotel. Hotel key cards are made using various materials like wood, paper, and plastic. BioPaper is a new material in the market that is gaining its popularity being a woodless paper. Made from natural occurring resources, the BioPaper is now proving to be the best material for hotel key cards. Here is why:

  • It’s waterproof

In all areas, the question of ecology becomes more important. An environmentally friendly BioPaper key card is made from natural occurring resources. It is non-water soluble making the key cards completely waterproof. In case the key card accidentally falls into the water, it will still work.

  • It’s tear-resistant

Hotel key cards are prone to get torn due to the constant handling. BioPaper is extremely hard-wearing than conventional paper making it more tear-resistant.

  • It’s degradable

BioPaper is a new type of bio-based and renewable degradable material that makes eco-friendly hotel key cards. One can either burn it directly and it won’t create any toxic gases or throw it away and it will degrade within a certain period. BioPaper key card is for hotels that not only consider the environmental aspect but also high-value and professional product quality.

  • It’s more durable than PVC

Many hotels have been using PVC cards because it’s an inexpensive plastic material and it’s generally accepted key card material for most printing needs. PVC cards cant stand up well to heat and can easily break or crack. BioPaper material is waterproof and tear-resistant making it more durable than PVC cards. Therefore, it is both secure and environmentally friendly. Just as perfect as PVC cards. BioPaper also has a perfect printing effect like UV printing, digital printing, and offset printing.

  • It’s renewable

The BioPaper is suitable for the environment. It’s a renewable option because it’s made from natural sourcing as raw materials that make them affordable. Even though plastics are slightly cheaper, price shouldn’t be the only reason to use them as their environmental impact long term can hurt the hotel’s image. Most environmental regulations are targeting eliminating plastics for compostable or recyclable options. Therefore, using BioPaper key cards won’t stress the management about compliance.

  • It’s safe and healthy for human use

In the hotel industry, customers’ safety and health concerns are vital. The BioPaper key cards are chemical and toxic-free, the material itself had passed FDA. There is no additive. Also, BioPaper is suitable for composting. Therefore, you can use them without fear of any health repercussions.


BioPaper production reduces the need for deforestation or wastage of water and gas. It is eco-friendly paper material that is pollution-free when degraded naturally.


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