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7 Benefits of Using RFID LED label In Data Center

rfid led label in data center

Data centers are places where enterprises store, process, and uses the information at right time. Hundreds of complex applications are out there. What if you need to find a specific equipment? Seems to be a tiresome job if you manually search each item, right? This is something problematic for every worker in the data centers. Hundreds of files and equipment but how to find the specific one? No worries, we have RFID LED labels.

Not only data centers but also other places like that where you need to manage your inventory use these labels. Even in complex systems, you can find RFID tags to identify specific items.

What is RFID?

Can you decode the word “RFID” into its components? In actuality, RFID refers to Radio Frequency Identification. As the name implies, radio waves are major components of RFID technology. In RFID technology, you detect objects with the help of RFID tags. Therefore, in data centers or asset collection units, RFID technology helps locate the objects.

What is RFID LED label?

Confused to find a specific item? For example, you have two hundred items in a place. Isn’t it difficult to locate a single item in those two hundred items? Yes, it is problematic. So, is there any solution? RFID Light-emitting diodes labels can be helpful for you in this situation.

RFID LED labels contain LEDs that can blink whenever you try to find them with the RFID technology. Put electronic product code(EPC) of product on your RFID reader and boom. The LED will flash. Now, you just found your required cable in hundreds of complex wires.

What advantages of using RFID LED labels in data centers?

Have you ever visited data centers? A huge collection of applications, computers, servers, and relevant things. Seems to be difficult to find the items there. You know why? Because hundreds of cables or even data applications are out there in a single place. Therefore, you can use RFID LED labels to get the following benefits in data centers.

Effective management of data applications:

Data centers have thousands of computers or data applications. Apparently, you can find it a difficult task to know the location of each item, its manufacturing, and relevant details. Moreover, it is not an easy task to handle and keep all those items in one place.

Why not have a management system? I believe there is a system that can help you manage your data inventory quite effortlessly. RFID LED tags can provide you with identification numbers that no one can ever eliminate. Just have the number in your list and you can find the data applications or equipment.

Faster Tracking:

RFID LED labels make this situation even more quick and easy. But, how? If you have the specific code for your data application, you can find the data applications among a hundred others quite easily. This makes the whole process more effective and fast. Therefore, you can find RFID LED labels in the data centers.

Accuracy of Tracking:

I have a quick task for you. Go to your data center and find the data applications you need. Do these have LED lights? If not, it will be more difficult to find them among the huge collection of data. Now, use the LED labels and find the item. I believe it will be faster and more accurate to find the specific computer in your data center.

That’s why the use of LEDs in RFID tags highlights the required items and increases accuracy. RFID LED labels reduce the transcription errors and duplication of data during the management. You just need a few seconds to find the item.

Save Time and Money:

Manual work consumes time. Inputting data into the laptops and keeping a record of each item along with their place is a bit difficult task. It expends efforts, money, and time. Why not save these things to invest at the right time?

RFID LED labels work automatically and reduce time consumption for manual adding or managing the data. In data centers, they can automatically track the data applications and upload the information into ERP.

Effective Quality:

RFID LED tags can ensure all the data related to the processing of information through different units. Whether it has passed all the quality checks or not. Quick tracking and quality maintenance are one of the most popular features of RFID LED tags.

In-depth data management:

At data centers, there are several stages of data storage where you need to work accordingly. Through in-depth data management with RFID LED labels, it is no longer difficult to store data. Real-time data storage helps differentiate the data stored at different stages of an asset’s life cycle. Later on, enterprises quickly get the data applications with RFID LED tags and use these insights.


I discussed many advantages above, right? What do you think of them? Especially benefits like reduced human efforts and durability. These features of RFID LED labels make them inexpensive. Furthermore, you can avoid purchasing extra papers or laptops to store your data. Instead, a blinking light will help you detect the specific data application, get desired information, and use the insights.

Main applications of RFID LED labels

RFID LED labels are more effective in finding specific items out of complex inventory. Blinking lights makes the whole process easier. Especially at places where there are hundreds of items with the same structure, shape, and size. Just hit for RFID LED tags at such places. However, here are some popular applications of RFID LED labels.

  • At libraries where there is a collection of numerous books. LED will blink for a specific book or relevant information stored in it;
  • To find the specific port in the different complex systems of cables;
  • At data centers to manage, process, and provide data insights;
  • Where there are various assets, RFID LED label would be an option for sorting and finding the goods;
  • Apparel industry can use RFID LED label instead of normal label to find the right garment quickly, to save the time of both the store’s staff and the customer, then to improve the customer experience and even the sales volume.

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