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RFID Tag Fulfills the Requirements of Enterprise Informationize

rfid tag used for enterprise informationize

Fixed assets have been playing a very important role in the management of enterprises. The features of large numbers, variety, high value, long life cycle, decentralized application, etc. made it very difficult for managing fixed assets. In the past, the assets were mainly counted manually, as a result, it will cause the information couldn’t reach the real status. In order to improve the supervision of fixed assets, RFID technology is introduced to carry out automatic data collection and statistics of asset management.

The value and advantages of asset management system

RFID-based asset management system solves the problem of informationize management. The function of identification and location of RFID improves the management efficiency and realizes the asset informationize management. Fixed assets are an important part of the government deparments’ assets. Due to the high value, long life cycle, mutiple administrators of fixed assets, it’s hard to make the accounting, card and asset 100% matched. The establishment of an integrated fixed assets management platform with accurate data and consistent accounts will have a positive impact on data reporting, asset structure analysis, asset evaluation and purchasing budget.

RFID tags are installed on each fixed asset that needs to be managed, RFID readers are installed in the location where the fixed assets may pass through, and the system divides the fixed assets into relevant categories for management, when the fixed asset moves, the system automatically tracks its position and recognizes the new position, using the hand-held device when counting the fixed assets, meanwhile encoding the equipment information into the tag.

Database server

To store all the data in the system. Due to data reading speed and budget, SQL Server 2000 database is very popular.

Management Software

Use B/S structure for development, all computers in LAN can use this software. In this way, leaders can check the assets variation of the subordinate units any time.

Software is the core of this whole system, it includes Bar Code Printing, assets variation, maintenance, scrap, depreciation, borrowing,  management authority setting, assets transfer between departments, batch transfer, various report printing, combined inquiries, etc. For each piece of fixed assets, all information can be found from the purchase of the assets till scrap.

System application

Suitable for commodity production, circulation, transportation, asset management, membership card management, etc.

The application of RFID fixed assets management garantees the regular maintenance for valuable materials in the enterprise,  improves the modernization of the assets management, conducts the anti-theft security management to prevent the loss of the assets, realizes real-time location, tracking, automatic inventory for assets automation and informationize.

RFID realizes high-efficiency and intelligent management mode, which can collect many RFID tags automatically at the same time, greatly reduces the operation time and labor cost, highly improves the work efficiency and the overall technical management.

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