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5 Unpopular Scenes that RFID Applies

rfid tag is used for managing ancient trees

As an important part of IoT, RFID can always be perfectly integrated into our life, such as retail, logistics, clothing, industrial manufacturing, aviation, books, medical, etc., and effectively enhance the efficiency of enterprise operation and management. Till now, the application scenario of RFID is still increasing.

Besides, in some scenes that we are not familiar with, RFID is also playing its advantages. Through these scenes, we will probably have a deeper understanding of the potential of RFID.


Application 1: RFID intelligent fish-farming

After the RFID tag was implanted, the fish were given an “identity card”, with the help of RFID tags, we can realize the real-time monitoring of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, storage, distribution, shelves, final sales and even return of grass carp.

Using RFID for animals is not new, RFID ear tags, RFID bird rings, RFID pet injection tags, etc. Many farmers use RFID to develop a new business model in nowadays.

At the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the market suffered a considerable impact, some farmers in Shaanxi, China developed a set of cloud farming service. Consumers can adopt their favorite piglets online, with RFID technology, they do not have to worry about losing their “pig son”, when pigs are raised by farmers to more than 200 pounds, they will be slaughtered and delivered to the consumers.

At the end of April, Netease black pig also joined in the “cloud pig” team. Far Across The ocean, a company called The Yield grows oysters in Australia using Internet of things technology, with the similar business model.


Application 2: RFID chip implanted into hacker’s skin

It is reported that a female hacker implanted RFID chip inside her body, and successfully started Tesla Model 3. She extracted the RFID chip from Tesla’s “key card” using an acetone solution firstly, wrapped it in a biopolymer, and then injected the chip into her left arm through a hollow needle.

A Seattle amateurish biohacker, Amal Graafstra implanted a wireless chip under her skin. With this chip, Amal Graafstra can access a room, log in a computer, and start a motorcycle without using any tools. It is understood that hundreds of people in Europe have chosen to implant RFID chips into their bodies.


Application 3: RFID ANTI-THEFT SMART Bag

There are many RFID anti-theft bags selling online, these bags are designed for travellers. There is a security warehouse built-in, through RFID anti-theft system, it can protect personal information, prevent bank cards, identity cards and other information from being stolen.

In addition, there are geeks introduced RFID reading system into the bag. Given an RFID tag to each item inside the bag can prevent them from missing.


Application 4: Managing old trees with RFID

In order to solve the problem of backward information management of ancient and famous trees, some cities in China began to introduce RFID technology. RFID nail tag should be used with tree Age, subject, living conditions and other information encoded into the chip, in corporate with GPS positioning system, ancient trees can be protected better.

In traditional way, it will cost lots of labor works to collect huge data because characteristics of forest germplasm resources, and the manual operation is inefficient and easy to make mistakes. With the introduction of RFID technology, the problem of ancient tree management has been greatly improved.


Application 5: The Safest Smart Wallet in the world

In 2017, the armenian-based startup enterprise, Volterman released a smart wallet with an alarm system and a GPS tracker built-in, this wallet also supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, RFID Radio Protection, and could be a Wi-Fi hot spot. There’s even a front facing camera that can take a picture of anyone who’s opening the wallet and send it to its owner.

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