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RFID Label Makes Drugs Management More Intelligent

rfid used in drug management

Recently, Tongren Hospital in-patient pharmacy launched an intelligent drug RFID label for trial. With the application of smart electronic tags, pharmacy management efficiency has been greatly improved.

You may have found that there are a lot of traditional paper price tags have gradually been replaced by electronic price tags in supermarkets, shopping malls and other places. Today, RFID tags are also used in hospital pharmacies for different types of drugs.


What are the benefits of RFID label?

  1. Cost saving for less paper tags update

Each RFID label installed on the drug shelf, connected to the drug information system through a 2.4GHz wireless communication protocol, which is bound by PDA. The latest drug information can be displayed via the electronic screen on the label. Compared with the traditional paper label, the information of drug quality management is increased, which is conducive to ensuring the safety of drug use.

In the past, once the drug information changed, the old paper labels have to be replaced. At the same time, RFID label makes it fast and convenient, and also save the cost of pharmacy operations.


  1. Label colors indicate attributes of the drug

Earth yellow: High warning drugs

Red: Drugs for external use

Black: General drugs

Using different colors to sort out different drugs can remind pharmacists and find the suitable medicine more quickly.


  1. Inventory information real-time update

The inventory information on the electronic label can be real-time updated, which would remind pharmacists to replenish the lacking drugs in time and it can also reduce the workload of the pharmacy’s daily inventory checking.


  1. Smart Tips of easily-confusing drugs

On the basis of the electronic labels, not only easily-confused drug information can be displayed, but also pharmacists can find related goods through the number quickly, which can reduce the rate of dispensing errors and convenient for pharmacists to learn and mix medicine.


  1. Intelligent alert of expired drugs

Expired dates and batch numbers are displayed on the electronic label screen. For drugs that near the expiration date, will also light up the warning automatically to remind pharmacists to handle it. It’s helpful for the advanced first-out management of drugs and ensure the safety and reliability of drugs.


The trial of drug electronic RFID label in in-patient pharmacy, comprehensively helps the in-patient pharmacy better management efficiency, cost saving, less workload of pharmacists, and also ensure the safety of patients.

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