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Benefits of Using RFID in Supply Chain

rfid used in supply chain

In global market, a supply chain could cause logistical challenges for a company. In order to operate efficiently and effectively, businesses must know their inventory levels, inventory location, and intended destination. RAIN RFID could help tracing inventory, automates manual processes in the supply process and makes data on individual assets and inventory available in real-time.

Automatize processes and contour economically operations with item-level intelligence.

RAIN RFID can save time, cost, and labor working hours by automatizing and streamlining various aspects of the supply chain process.

Shipment Validation

A RAIN RFID shipment verification solution can deliver real-time visibility, create confirmation or exception alerts, and initiate shipping and receiving workflows. RAIN RFID, provides visibility into a warehouse so goods can be tracked as they move in and out of a facility. When connected with internal systems that run shipping and receiving, businesses gain information that can automate even more aspects of the job.

Pallet Content Verification

A pallet contents verification solution that uses RAIN RFID can verify that the correct cartons have been loaded onto a pallet. Packers can receive alerts when items are missing. Further, the contents of a pallet can be automatically matched to the order documentation, so there’s no more wasted time hand-scanning barcodes.

Asset Management

Keeping a supply chain humming along requires more than just managing inventory. Expensive assets like returnable transit items need to be tracked and maintained. Automate the management of warehouse assets to lower costs, improve utilization, and reduce loss and logistics down-time.

Take a successful examples from Impinj Inc:

Haier, a global appliance giant, avoids costly international mis-shipments and keeps their warehouses running smoothly with RAIN RFID.

China Outfitters improved their efficiency in inventory, shipping and returns procedures 25 times over.

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