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Aury Africa Uses RFID for Mining Tracking and Tracing

rfid in mining industry

Aury Africa, a screening and vibration equipment solution and service provider, introduced an ideal radio frequency identification (RFID) audit and inspection solution for mining applications. Most equipment projects may require periodic inspections and, in some cases, regulatory requirements such as inspection of plant equipment, mining machinery, pumps, valves, and piping.

RFID tags use electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects and devices. This facilitates process inspection and maintenance and ensure compliance with all regulatory reporting requirements. The microchips used in the label can be embedded in different types of accessories, including cable connections, straps, buckles and bolts. The flexibility of these accessories allows them to be tied onto the desired application.

Aury Africa Director Sydney Parkhouse explained, “Aury Africa is integrating RFID solutions with our equipment through the assistance of our technology partner Thembekile Asset Management Solutions, who have many years of experience in digital workflow processes. This ensures that customers have access to real-time information and less unnecessary paperwork.” Each RFID tag has its own unique identifier to ensure they are never copied. The system requires evidence of existence because the person performing the inspection must communicate securely with the scanning device within a close range of the tag.

These RFID mobile devices are suitable for applications on the iOS or Android operating system. A key feature of the system is that the tags and scanners do not have to communicate within the direct line of sight.

By using a professional mobile scanning device, devices can be identified, inspected and verified. Mobile devices have additional features that enable users to capture the GPS location of assets and track where they were previously deployed.

In addition, a fixed reader can be used to create a “gateway” that can be read automatically by the tagging device of the gateway. A typical use of such a function is, for example, to transfer a device from one location to another.

The benefits of the system include the availability of an effective asset management register to ensure compliance with inspection requirements and the transfer of skills while allowing mines to develop digital and hard copy logs.

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