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Zambian Plans to Re-register All Vehicles Through RFID System

rfid used in Zambian vehicles

The Road Transport Authority and Safety Agency is implementing radio frequency identification mechanisms for all vehicles in Zambia. The new system will capture the details of the vehicles, which requires re-registration of all motor vehicles in the country.

The agency’s public relationship manager Fred Mubanga confirmed this as a fact. However, he denied the reports that their organization will launch the third license plate number.

Mubanga explained, “This is not the third license plate, but RTSA has signed a road safety agreement to implement a road management system that will be used to improve the road transportation and safety in Zambia. In the road safety management system, one of the tasks is to install speed cameras along major roads and to re-register vehicles.Therefore, RFID is required to re-register the information of the vehicle in the new system. This is an automated system where you can pay for road taxes online, while our existing system does not allow us to do these things. With the RFID system, you will have two license plates, RFID is like a reader placed on the windshield for reading and detecting information of the vehicle. ”

Mubanga said that RTSA has started to implement a road safety management system and install a roadside camera. “We will do it systematically; once we have the camera installed on the highway, then we will have to look at the re-registration of the vehicles. Hopefully we can implement the system within the next few months.”

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