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Loongson 2K: RFID-Based License Plate Passed High Temperature Test in Turpan

testing rfid vehicle lisence plate in turupan

China still has a big gap in the semiconductor industry from the world’s top level, but it is constantly improving, and it is also used in many places that you could never imagine.

For example, the electronic sign of a motor vehicle,  an electronic license plate. This is a new-generation vehicle management technology organized by the Ministry of Public Security of China for the purpose of vehicle management and control. It can be used for vehicle management, urban traffic management, environmental protection, and commercial applications for small-scale payment. The binding payment can also be used for high-speed. The road does not charge for parking.

A series of measures for electronic license plates have been implemented since July 1, 2018. Different from the previous high-speed toll ETC and parking lot parking card, the electronic license plate can identify the unique identity of the vehicle. The system adopts the proprietary SM7 algorithm with independent intellectual property rights, and the vehicle terminal realizes tamper-proof, anti-disassembly and anti-copying, which is equivalent to the identity of the vehicle.

Such a set of national public information platforms has strict requirements for autonomous control and security.Therefore, the product is still being tested continuously.

Beginning in June 2017, Loongson and ZTE Zhilian are based on the Loongson 2K dual-core high-performance processor, and have developed an electronically controlled license plate system with independent and controllable localized RFID readers. After more than a year of R&D testing, the products successfully passed all kinds of harsh environmental and performance tests.

Not long ago, the product successfully passed the high-temperature application test in Turpan which organized by the Ministry of Public Security, which was a key step towards the market. In the following days, ZTE Zhilian and Loongson Zhongke will continue to test and polish the products in multiple batches and for a long time. It is planned to be sent to Heilongjiang Mohe for low-temperature application testing, if everything went smoothly, this product would be formally introduced to the market.

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