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Airlines Use RFID to Get your Pets Off the Ground

identify pets with RFID tag on a flight

Pets play an important role in our lives. VeRFID Services recognizes that many activities involving pets, such as traveling or moving to a new home, may require a lot of relevant information, such as animal characteristics, vaccination certificates, training records and medical records, etc.

The process of animal information verification can be cumbersome. Even for companies, asking for this type of information can be tedious and difficult to review. Moreover, flying with an emotional-support animal has become particularly difficult. VeRFID is enabling a way to make sure your animals are ready to take off. With VeRFID’s new personalized, secure RFID tags and mobile apps, we can provide proof that owners and businesses can trust.

The process is simple – you create an animal archive and enter all relevant information, and we will provide online direct verification after confirming the accuracy and legality of the information with the relevant parties. Once the entire process is complete, VeRFID will send you a tag for the embedded RFID chip that your animal wears.

Without cumbersome process, the airline can extract information about the animal through this mobile APP scanning chip, and the company will ensure that the animal meets the requirements of the airline. Even if your pet is not an emotional support animal, you can still use VeRFID to confirm the takeoff requirements, such as breed and age.

There are other applications for pet owners and businesses. If you see the “Bogarte Beagle” on the street, wear a VeRFID tag, and quickly scan the mobile app, you can find information about Bogart and reunite with his family.


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