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RFID Offers More Possibilities for Epidemic

rfid used in epidemic

In this epidemic, masks, disinfection supplies, and protective equipment appear to be in short supply and prices rise. Although the government is also tightening its control, it still finds that prices have risen and it is difficult to find a cover.


However, if offline retail stores access RFID product applications, remotely monitor prices, and incorporate government supervision mechanisms during the epidemic, they can avoid random price increases for offline stores and reduce livelihood issues. At the same time, through the collection of information in RFID stores, combined with the back-end big data and the empowerment of artificial intelligence algorithms, it is possible to achieve the optimal allocation of resources. Through the optimization of the supply chain, the problem of frontline anti-war resource shortages can be alleviated.


During the epidemic, the sales of a series of cold and fever medicines such as Radix Isatidis, Vitamin C effervescent tablets, Ganmaoling granules, and Xiaochaihu granules grew rapidly. Shuanghuanglian became the protagonist overnight. Masks are out of stock nationwide, a mask is hard to find, and fake masks are prevalent. Imagine if you are dating RFID technology and put a unique identification label on both medicines and masks, so that pharmacies can understand the stock of materials in real time and replenish them in time. The uniqueness of RFID tags can trace the source of materials, so that fake masks can not be escaped.


In addition, the hospital is the hardest hit by this epidemic. Doctors, nurses, and patients are prone to cross infection. At this time, if smart medical appointment, RFID technology, strict management of medical consumables, identification and tracking of disease prevention, large-scale hospitals can avoid large-scale group infections.


The application of RFID not only saves the cost of enterprise price change, but most importantly, the non-contact price change of price management remotely reduces the risk of staff infection.


After this epidemic, many communities have adopted equipment such as face recognition, intelligent access control, infrared automatic thermometers, etc. to achieve non-contact data collection and real-time alarm. Everyone can be accurately tracked and every outflow population can be located, then the outbreak will be handled more orderly. Leaving aside the epidemic situation, community safety will involve more content, such as fire smoke detection, anti-theft RFID detection system, etc.

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