RFID  Inlay

RFID pre-laminated, also called RFID inlay, Middleware, is the core for making RFID card.
Nexqo provides all three frequencies RFID inlays (LF, HF and UHF) to fit different client’s requirements.

There are 2 methods to make RFID inlay

constructure of normal rfid inlay

1. Directly laminate

RFID chips and antenna are laminated between 2 PVC sheets directly

Low cost
Easily processing
Surface is not flat especially the chip position will be bossed.

2. Hollow-out and laminate

Hollow out a hole in the RFID chip position on the PVC sheet, and laminate with another 2 PVC sheets in the front and back side respectively

Higher cost
More complicated operating
Flat surface that if operated properly, the RFID chip couldn’t be seen from the card surface.

constructure of nexqo's rfid inlay
Nexqo uses method 2, hallow-out and laminate, to make all our RFID inlays and cards.

Manufacturing flow

advantages of our RFID inlay

Punching – Top thread – Paster – Butt joint – Detection – Lamination – Test – Craft


LF 125 KHz
HF 13.56 MHz
UHF 840-960 MHz

What we call a good RFID inlay?
Qualified base material
Smooth surface
Ductile and stretching resistance
Every single chip works
Little imprint allowed after breaking test
At least one angle of accurate 90°

Nexqo provides various layouts of RFID inlay, such as 5*5, 3*8, 6*8

rfid inlay layout 5*5


rfid inlay layout 3*8


rfid inlay layout 6*8


8*10 is also available upon request.

What’s special?

Nexqo also provides hybrid (dual frequency) RFID inlays;

Wait, that’s not all what we can provide. Let’s hear your requirements.