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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Wooden Key Cards

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Key cards have increasingly replaced standard keys, for controlled access control, with plastic being the most popular option. However, the wooden key card is fast gaining the seal of approval of people across the world. These key cards serve the same purpose as any other key card with the main difference being that they are made from wood. Wooden key cards are made from; cherry, bamboo, maple, basswood, Sapele wood, and walnut wood.


Advantages of using wooden key cards


1. Versatile

Wooden key cards offer a wide scope in style and design. One can select the color of the key card from a wide range of types of wood i.e. darker colored tones of mahogany to very light shades of bamboo. Having such a wide choice of styles and colors allows you to select one that depicts the company’s branding or color scheme. These cards can also be cut to any shape. Also, they can be customized to different designs and technical crafts to meet the company’s branding guidelines.


2. Affordable

Wooden key cards offer great value for money especially when you purchase in bulk.


3. Unique aesthetic

Wooden key cards are mostly associated with prestigious facilities. They exude an expensive feel that reinforces the idea that the company favors luxury items and superior quality.


4. Eco-friendly and sustainable

Wooden key cards reinforce the company’s commitment to being eco-friendly. The key cards can easily biodegrade with no pollution. They are the greenest option for companies looking for more sustainability. They efficiently improve the company’s sustainability at a competitive price.


5. Dependable and sturdy

The sturdy nature of wood means the key cards won’t easily bend, snap, or break. These key cards are created using cutting-edge technology that ensures a smooth-sealed surface and finishes around the edges. The cards are waterproof with a special membrane, therefore, if one accidentally gets wet it will still function.


Disadvantages of using wooden key cards


1. Expensive to install

The wooden key card system is expensive to install as it has to be compatible with the lock system. Also, it takes up a lot of time and effort to run and install this key card system.


2. Concern about deforestation

The main material used to manufacture these key cards is wood. Therefore, trees have to be cut down to make these key cards which can lead to deforestation.


3. High cost

Different wooden key cards have different natural textures. This makes them expensive as you cannot find the same texture from two different cards. These key cards are popular among luxurious, high-class companies. Replacing these key cards when lost or stolen can also be expensive.



Wooden key cards stand the test of time as they are made of sustainable wood that is durable. These key cards are reusable and they can be engraved on both sides as well as have color-stamped ink prints. However, it’s important to note that each wood material has its distinctive characteristics which ensure a unique hand-crafted look.


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