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6 Benefits Of Using NFC In Business?

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NFC technology is changing the face of retail as it allows consumers to make payments with mobile wallet apps on their smartphones and NFC-enabled credit and debit cards. When NFC-enabled devices are held close to each other, the technology allows them to communicate typically by about 4 centimeters. This has proven to be very beneficial to customers in that;


1. It increases customer satisfaction


NFC technology helps businesses to deliver enhanced customer service, as data reported by field operations staff becomes more accurate, faster, and efficient. Also, NFC technology allows for faster payment transactions that cut down the number of times customers spend waiting in line at the register. The technology ensures seamless contactless payments which speed up checkout lines, as there is less time spent per transaction.


2. It’s easy to use and convenient


Consumer expectations for convenience are always on the rise and in any situation, consumers will flock to the easiest, fastest, and most convenient option. Customers hold their phones or their NFC cards to make payments at an NFC POS reader which makes payment transactions easy.


3. It enhances security


Maintaining the trust of your customers depends on providing safe transmission of any data related to payment transactions. NFC technology signals can’t be hacked, unlike wireless internet technology. NFC contactless payments are even more secure due to the security protections afforded by smartphones.


4. It enhances customer loyalty


NFC technology can be used to put together an engaging loyalty program that persuades customers to return to the store. For example, Wasabi, a UK-based chain of restaurants used NFC to set up a loyalty scheme. To join the Wasabi Club, customers had to tap a smart card with their smartphones and they can start racking up loyalty points immediately.


5. It provides product information


Customers can get service information and they can easily access products that are NFC enabled. This is more of a promotional perk where the technology can be included on product displays so that when the customers access it, they receive detailed information about the product, recipe, or any other applicable content.


6. It enhances the customer’s experience


NFC tags are programmed to allow free in-store Wi-Fi to the customers. Customers can access the internet in the store without the need for a password by simply waving their mobile over the strategically placed tags. NFC technologies can also work without Wi-Fi and customers can still get the opportunity to exchange data. Also, data exchange is instant, therefore, no need for wires to connect two NFC devices.

If a customer needs help, a manager can wave their smartphone over an NFC tag to check who is in the department and is free to help the customer.

NFC technology allows customers to pre-load coupons into their smartphones or collect store reward points automatically. Also, the customer never misses an opportunity for savings because they forgot a coupon or rewards card at home because everything is in one place.



NFC technology has several benefits that can help both large and small businesses with time management, customer satisfaction, and employee tracking.


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