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Why Do Hotels Use Hotel Cards Instead Of Keys?

hotel key cards

Nowadays, most hotels prefer using key cards for access control over the traditional keys. These key cards are either magnetic stripe or proximity (RFID) cards. The two are based on different technologies but they provide the same functions for door access control. These key cards can be used to grant access to restaurants, conference rooms, gyms, pools, laundry, elevators, and the hotel room. So, why invest in hotel key cards?


1. Ability to personalize and brand


Key cards enable hotels to have a unique design that represents their brand. They can display meal times hotel and key information including an advertisement of services within the hotel such as salons or spas.


2. Efficient


With key cards, guests can easily check in and out, making the process a lot smoother and time-saving. When checking out, the key card can be useful up to a certain time frame according to the hotel’s check-out policies.


3. Restrict unwanted entry


Every hotel has the mandate to provide high security for guests. In some cases, key cards can restrict entry to the hotel, especially after a certain time on an evening. Key cards also ensure that unescorted guests or intruders are kept at bay within specified areas of the hotel. They are designed to provide constant protection against potential theft and intruders. Also, card access door lock networks possess the technology to produce reports to show who entered the room and at what time. A key card can also implement a lockdown during emergencies.


4. Smart technology integrations and benefits


Key cards can be integrated into the hotel’s existing security management and smart features. Smart settings and real-time alerts can automate the hotel’s lights, locks, and security cameras. This is helpful to the hotel’s purchasing and receiving department when receiving and accepting deliveries and also to monitor and control interior temperatures and appliance safety.


5. Cost-effective


Each key card is unique to its user, unlike traditional keys. If an employee or guest leaves the hotel or it is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated or wiped. Therefore, no need to worry about the dissemination of unauthorized copies or the changing of locks and keys. Gone are the days of having to change locks or getting replacement keys cut when keys are lost. Also, the hotel can recycle or reuse key cards to cut down on costs.


6. Lightweight


Hotel key cards fit perfectly in the wallet or purse. They are lightweight and an easier solution for anyone who needs to access multiple rooms.


7. Less risk


Traditional keys had to be marked with a room number which posed a risk when one gained possession of that key. With key cards, upon checking in, the card is activated with the hotel room number and not marked which provides the ultimate security for guests. Key cards also prevent key duplication.


Also, key cards offer real-time activity hotel logs which can be helpful if an investigation or internal personnel issue requires additional information. Key cards can also aid law enforcement by identifying potential insider threats when combined with other security technologies like CCTV cameras.


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