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7 Large Companies That Are Using RFID Technology

rfid in large companies

RFID technology is known for inventory and asset tracking. Many businesses are now embracing this technology to increase customer satisfaction. Large companies across the world have embraced this technology for many purposes. These companies are;


1) Amazon


In efforts to provide a phenomenal customer experience, the team Amazon Go requires one to enter the amazon store via an RFID Amazon app, take the product, and walk out. This process concurs with their tagline “Just Walk Out”. Therefore, you don’t have to wait in a queue and waste time. All you have to do is, download the Amazon Go app on your smartphone and connect it with your Amazon account. Show your smartphone to the scanner device which will scan the mobile screen. After that, enter in Amazon Go store, take the product and the payment for the product will be deducted from your Amazon account when you walk out of the store.


2) Decathlon


It is one of the world’s significant retailers that specialize in sportswear. Across the world, Decathlon, a French organization, sells in excess of 600 million individual items consistently. Having thousands of stores in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America, Decathlon utilized RFID technology to make sure that the product was available in store if the customer is willing to purchase it. Utilizing RFID technology encourages a quick checkout experience together with improved item accessibility. In an effort to never disappoint its customers, Decathlon integrated RFID solutions into its supply chain.


3) Zara


One of the biggest problems in the clothing industry is counterfeiting. Therefore, Zara being a huge fast fashion retailer brand, has integrated RFID technology for inventory tracking. RFID gives them the exact information about all their tagged clothes and also knows when the clothes will be out of stock so that they can restock racks of the fast-selling clothes. Therefore, whenever an item is sold, the stock room is notified, and they put on another item of the same color and size. Zara is using this technology in its hundreds of stores.


4) Nike


Nike designed a pair of sneakers containing anti-theft properties. The company uses RFID in its sneakers to embed the anti-theft security feature. This feature plays a paramount role to maintain the integrity and authenticity of footwear and identifying counterfeiters. Therefore, Nike’s return and exchange policy can identify whether the returned sneakers are theirs or not.


5) H&M


H&M, a Swedish multinational clothing retail company, has been a rival of Zara for a long time. To address stock undersupply or oversupply, the H&M top management changed gears and started concentrating on RFID garments labeling. Through RFID technology, H&M can now access crucial data that helps in improvising sales and engaging customers better. H&M is improving its offer to attract customers, which should lead to increased earnings and sales.


6) Inditex


Inditex uses RFID technology in stores, logistics, and warehouses. This Spanish clothing company uses RFID to give its logistic center visibility through the shipping process. In turn, the technology has enhanced security control, promoted speedy stock replenishment, and achieved high customer satisfaction.


7) BJC HealthCare


In the United States, BJC HealthCare is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare organizations, which operates several hospitals in Missouri and Illinois. This company uses RFID technology to track and deal with a huge number of medicinal stock supplies, and surgery tools, and track their validity dates. They also use RFID on the patient to track their health records and also keep track of them. The technology gives a real-time view of each medicine, its location, and expiration date, and automatically orders medicine when a medicine stock is low.


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