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How Does RFID Make Our Life Easier?

Everybody uses RFID technology in their everyday life most of the time without knowing it. RFID technology doesn’t require inconveniences, new processes, behavioral changes, or extra steps, especially in most applications. RFID systems can simplify inventory management and replenishment as they can be easily integrated into existing enterprise and retail systems for improved functionality.


RFID and IoT


RFID solutions connect retailers to their inventory with real-time visibility and not only is this connectivity important in current business processes but tomorrow’s ecosystem of devices and objects will also be connected wirelessly to each other as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and solidify. This will revolutionize the way we work and go about our daily lives. Thanks to the superior and cost-effective, auto-identification capabilities, RFID is the glue that will hold the IoT network together.


Air conditioner using RFID technology


Manufacturing companies are not only using RFID technology to track an air conditioner through its distribution and assembly, to provide supply chain visibility but also using the RFID tag to collect data once it has been purchased about how it is operating. If the unit malfunctions, each tag serves as a ‘black box’ storing what has happened to the air conditioner to which it is attached, as well as sharing error code information with maintenance personnel. To identify what is wrong with the air conditioner before its disassembly, technicians can then access the tag’s data via an EPC UHF RFID reader. A single RFID tag could be used for multiple tasks including the authentication of the products for customers and finally as a means of collecting data relating to malfunction once installed.


Refrigerators using RFID technology


RFID technology is becoming an increasingly popular solution as it offers the client substantial savings over time due to less stock disposed of/wasted, as well as providing visibility to the end-user for all their inventory needs which saves time for the staff using the refrigerator as they don’t need to take manual stock takes. RFID technology is used in the refrigerator mainly for managing food storage portions divided in the refrigerator. RFID devices have each storage information and set up the storage portion which maintains a storage condition suitable to the storage information. The RFID system tracks items as they move in and out of the attached fridge with RFID. Using the technology in the refrigerator means rotation of stock is handled correctly and stock wastage is greatly reduced. Theft risk is significantly reduced, stock orders are only placed when required, real-time alerts can be addressed immediately so optimal temperatures are maintained always, and recalls are easily managed.




The application of RFID technology in IoT is very diverse and broad. RFID technology’s function in IoT is to connect objects into a network and make them create and send data. In a world filled with smart devices from smart sensors, smart home appliances to smartphones, the world has become more accessible by connecting smart devices. When used in IoT, RFID tags help identify and locate objects as they come in handy in GPS, cameras, and other smart sensors.


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