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How Can BioPaper Be Used For Water Parks?

biopaper and waterparks

For decades now, water parks hold fun and exhilarating activities for all ages. It’s safe to say water-parks are ‘one-size-fits-all’ in terms of water play entertainment. Water-parks are extremely safe for recreation as human nature is hydrophilic. BioPaper can be used in the water-parks when it is made into RFID tickets, RFID cards, and RFID wristbands.

The RFID system and BioPaper

BioPaper is a versatile, woodless paper that can be made into key cards, RFID labels, tickets, brochures, NFC cards, business and membership cards. The RFID’s chip and antenna are put in a substrate of BioPaper. BioPaper is naturally derived, making it safe for human use. RFID technology in water-parks enables the management to capture the data on an RFID tag and transmit it to the back-end computer without physical contact. The RFID wristband in water-parks has a high throughput because it reads within seconds from the tag. This allows the management to read, write, and even modify data inside the RFID chip in real-time.

The RFID system

When you’ve visited the water park as a group, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd of people who have visited the park too. Water-park RFID wristbands can come in handy to track your group as they are designed to stay on the water. Using RFID wristbands in water-parks eliminates counterfeit tickets because they are a unique ID, boosts guest loyalty as some keep the RFID wristband as a souvenir, allows cashless payment, and guests can get inside the waterpark quickly because they simply wave their wristbands over a sensor to get in.

The RFID system in water-parks

RFID application for the waterpark can be very beneficial to both the management and the tourists. The management can identify the tourists effectively and remotely. RFID can be used for cashless payment at the waterpark’s restaurants, electronic payment to make payment comfortable and secure, park tracking to track one’s group, to rent and lock keyless lockers, and to identify customers using the electronic tickets that have replaced the tedious traditional tickets. The management can use RFID to ensure the safety of tourists when they enter restricted areas because the system will automatically alarm. This will ensure prompt action is taken to prevent any accidental occurrence.


RFID technology has reshaped the way water-parks operate. For water-parks, customer loyalty is built around security, convenience, and overall guest experience. With everything on the RFID wristbands, today water-parks can enhance park efficiency, increase guest spending, and boost guest loyalty. Guests don’t have to worry about keys, cash, or wallets as everything is on the wrist.


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