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How To Transmit Your Brand Attitude With A Hotel Key Card?

branded hotel key cards

Have you ever wondered that you can do something on your hotel key card to transmit your brand attitude?

Here we listed 3 methods that you can try to spread your brand attitude among your targeted guests.


1. Try some new designs occasionally


It’s very important to use one or one set of design for your hotel key card when your brand is just established. But when your guests are too familiar with your brand image, sometimes you can try some new designs to surprise them.

For example, a set of special slogans on your key cards for some special festivals. Some guests love to collect key cards as a memory of their journey when they are travelling. If your key card’s design happened to be unique, it will leave a deeper memory during their experience.


2. Special design for cooperated events


Some hotels would cooperate with some events or organizations. When the event is about to come, make some special designs to integrate the hotel’s brand with the event. Even, you can give the key card to the guests as a gift when they are leaving. If the guests stayed happily during your hotel, he will definately come back again when necessary.


3. Use eco-friendly material for your key card


98% hotels around the world is using plastic hotel key cards, or more accurately, PVC hotel cards. PVC is very popular for making various cards like hotel card, membership card, loyalty card, etc. for the reason of low cost and stable. But PVC takes hundreds of years for degrading, which is not eco-friendly.

Using an eco-friendly material would definately impress your guests on their first touch, and meanwhile leave them with an environmentally eco-friendly brand image.

Nexqo discovered a new craft for making paper card which can make the cost of paper card almost the same with PVC key card. Contact us to get a quote.


Still, there are many other methods that you can do. But the most important is, what you are trying to tell should be recognized by your guests. Because if not, you will lose them quickily.

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