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How To Make Your Business Card Smarter?

url encoded inside nfc card

Business card is very essential in business communication. But I believe there are many people don’t even remember where the cards went even if you just received it one minute ago.

How to save this awkward situation?

Nexqo provides a special business card with a new technology, NFC.

Get your business card with an NFC chip inside, it will help your business partners find everything about you in their phones with a simple tap.


NFC (near field communication) business card is a plastic or paper business card with NFC chip embedded inside. You can encode some personal data inside the chip so when your potential business partner or client tap the card with an NFC smartphone, the information you encoded inside the chip will be displayed on their screens directly.


Then how to encode your personal or company’s information inside the NFC chip? What devices do you need to do this? Will this be complicated?

All you need is an NFC smartphone. Now we will teach you how to encode an unique business card for yourself.


First of all, download an app named Tagwriter which is developed by NXP.

Run the app, and click the “Write tags” tab, then go to “new dataset” tab.

write tags tab

In the new tab, you can choose to write business card, link, email, telephone number, plain text, SMS, location, or launch application inside the chip.

new dataset tab

We made a video to show how you can write your information inside an NFC business card.

But remember, you can write only one kind of information for one card.


Once you’ve done this, just with a simple tap by an NFC mobile phone, the information will be presented in the targeted phones accordingly. This technology is way more interesting than making all kinds of crafts on the cards which are trying to impress your cleints.

(Not sure which phone are NFC mobile phones? Click here to find out)


If you think this encoding thing will take you lots of time, you can totally leave this job to us. Nexqo provides encoding and pre-programming service that to fit all your requirements, you just need to tell us what you want, and we will give the product what you need exactly to you.

Customize your own business card to surprise your client now!

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