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RFID Technology Was Equipped in Library of St. Anne’s College

St. Annes college is using RFID in the library

St. Anne’s College has one of Oxford’s largest libraries, and D-Tech International has installed RFID for the library to improve the Borrowing experience for St. Anne’s students.

The St. Anne’s College Library is open to everyone in the school. It is currently one of the largest college libraries in Oxford with over 100,000 books. Since the original library was located in Hartland House and the new library was in another building, it was important to find a solution that was not geographically restricted and could work in two locations at the same time. Since the two libraries are open to students 24 hours per day, the library must have a reliable device to help students deal with problems and ensure safety. Also, it can provide maintain service and repair support when any problems occurred.

The library finally decided to install RFID solution in St. Anne’s existing building. To complete as quickly as possible, the library formed an RFID tag group and processed all of the loanable inventory (accurately, 84,220). When the new library is completed, the library will put more equipment into use. The college intends to install the last set of equipment when the old library is being refurbished in the future, as there will be additional entrances opened at that time. After RFID tags are installed, the security of the library can be improved.

Clare White, a librarian at St Anne’s College, said: “We don’t have a security door. Since the library will be divided into two sites, we need to ensure that our library’s collections are protected when the staff is absent, and our students can also borrow from these two libraries. The application of RFID enables both these two needs of the library are fulfilled.”

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