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The Smart Packaging Revolution of Medical and Health Protection Products

checking authenticity with an NFC phone through nfc sticker

There is no doubt that the coronavirus has become a global crisis, in order to avoid infection, people are paying more and more attention to personal hygiene, resulting in a sharp rise in demand for personal hygiene products in the past few months. Due to the shortage of supply, counterfeit and inferior products in the market spread rapidly, which increase people’s awareness  of the safety of Health Protection Products.


Consumers want to know the following product information before purchasing:

1) where does it come from?(country of origin)

2) when was it made?( life span)

3) what are the functions?(product standard)

4) is it safe?(non-counterfeit products)


Generally, it can take a long time to verify this information, but RFID technology provides a perfect solution to these problems.


Brand owner can use RFID to record the entire supply chain of products from manufacturing to sales.In fact, RFID is hard to counterfeit. Consumers can use their smartphones to identify product information and processes.Compared with other technologies such as QR codes and anti-counterfeiting printing, RFID provides a higher level of security, while the verification process is simpler and more direct.

Smart packaging is revolutionising medical devices. Mask manufacturers choose to use smart packaging in each surgical mask or in each box.Once mask products are tagged with RFID,ll business activities, including packaging, transportation, inventory in and out of point sales, and even for consumer behavior can be used to track and record RFID devices and systems.


People may question the cost of investing in RFID, especailly for lower-priced products, adding a few cents can be a big problem.However, in fact, RFID technology is widely used in the retail industry, and many cases and studies have proved the application value of RFID,.It is clear that the benefits in the value chain from the adoption of RFID(product security, logistics visibility, inventory management, and customer experience) outweigh the costs, and RFID technology will definitely become a trend technology in the medical/health product market.


Remember, safety and health are priceless.

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