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What Are Blank Plastic Cards Used For?

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Implementing the use of plastic cards in the business can prove to be a great tactic that can bring the desired results. Blank plastic cards are made from a combination of polyester and PVC and they can withstand the printing heat. Blank plastic cards provide one with a lot of opportunities for personalization. Also, they allow one to add whatever they like to alter its appearance with the option of adding your artwork which can either be a unique image of your company logo or something that details your services. You may also want to consider barcoding to help you store information that can be then accessed by a barcode reader. Blank plastic cards can be used in many ways.


1. Membership and event passes


In-person events are now coming back slowly, therefore, event passes and membership cards are seeing a resurgence in popularity. These cards are another type of blank PVC card that is printed onsite. The cost to personalize the cards will be significantly less expensive if you can manage to keep all of the dynamic content in black ink. Colored blank plastic cards are great for events that want to be easily recognized. These cards are a fun keepsake to not only remind attendees of the event but also a perfect branding and marketing tool. These cards can either be VIP access passes, trade show passes, RFID cards, visitor badges, and event badges.


2. Identification and security cards


When it comes to managing large events, security is a huge concern. Security cards and ID cards are often needed on-demand while guests, employees, or students wait. Some companies buy their PVC cards blank then they print everything at once including the name, logo, ID number, and in some cases other contact information or possibly a photograph. Other companies will opt for a hybrid solution where they order plastic card shells containing some background imagery, logo, and contact info. Then they will use a thermal printer to add the ID number and name to the ID cards or security passes. The ID badges may be a simple photo identification or they may be fitted with a magnetic stripe to allow access to buildings or to track the entry of personnel. Blank ID cards can also be used with automatic data collection systems or customer loyalty systems.


3. Marketing campaigns


The most popular uses for plastic cards are store credit cards and gift cards which can be printed with swipeable magnetic stripe cards or scannable barcodes. PVC cards can be useful for a wide range of marketing campaigns including; fundraiser cards, social media campaigns, store credit cards, and plastic business cards. Buying blank plastic cards and printing on them may be a good option if your marketing campaigns require magnetic stripe cards.



Blank plastic cards allow customization of ID badges and access cards. They are available in a variety of dimensions and thicknesses but the common being the same size and thickness as a standard credit card. To protect the blank ID cards from copying or counterfeiting, it’s advisable to fit the cards with holographic laminates or films to provide another layer of protection.


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