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Benefits Of Using RFID Cards Than Barcode Cards

rfid cards vs barcode cards

RFID cards are contactless smart cards equipped with radio frequency identification technology that uses radio waves to transmit information from the card to the reader. A barcode is an image that has a series of parallel white and black bars that are read by a barcode scanner. Barcode cards are often used on a large scale and they allow one to store and read different data electronically. RFID cards and barcode technology have their own set of advantages and disadvantages to consider. To evaluate the best option for your business, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your requirements around cost, security, durability, and implementation of the system.


Major differences between RFID cards and barcode cards


RFID card scanners can read multiple cards at once while barcode card scanners require a line of sight to scan each code individually. Conversely, RFID systems can be more expensive and require more setup than barcodes but are more efficient for scanning a large number of items. Barcode systems can be less secure and durable than RFID but are more accurate.


Benefits of RFID cards to Barcode cards


High read rate

RFID systems do not need line of sight and can read multiple tags at the same time. Each barcode card must be individually scanned to be entered into the system. RFID readers save time due to the high read rate and are capable of reading hundreds of tags at once.


Highly durable and reusable

Barcode cards have been printed on paper labels and can be rendered unreadable or easily get damaged. RFID cards are designed to work in harsh conditions as a durable hard case protects the cards from impacts of moisture, heat, and changing weather conditions. RFID cards are updatable, therefore, they can be reused which cuts down costs in deployments.


RFID cards don’t need line of sight

RFID cards use radio waves to communicate and the cards only need to be within the read range of the reader which may vary depending on the equipment. Therefore, they don’t need to be directly insight of an RFID reader. For a barcode card to be read, both the scanner and the card label need to be oriented in a very specific position to work properly, therefore, the scanner must be placed directly in front of each card label.


Data is encrypted

Barcode cards data is always readable, therefore, can be easily counterfeited. With RFID cards the information can be encrypted, therefore, your data is more secure. It is very difficult to replicate RFID cards recognized in your system.


RFID cards can be written or read

Different RFID tags on the cards have a rewritable memory that differs from the manufacturer. The tags can be read and the data on the card tag can be modified or rewritten as needed. Conversely, barcode cards can only be read and the data cannot be changed once it had been printed on a label.



RFID cards have more features than simple barcode cards but they are both a good fit for certain applications.


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