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What’s The Most Economical Eco-Friendly Hotel Key Card?

biopaper hotel key card

The direct answer to this question is BioPaper hotel key cards, made from natural sourcing, 100% eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative to PVC, wooden, and paper key cards. In this blog post, I will tell you the environmental impacts of PVC hotel key cards and BioPaper cards. But first of all, let us talk about the hotel industry and its environmental impacts.

Global warming or climate change is a serious threat to human existence on this planet. After Paris Agreement in 2015, global efforts are being put forward to reduce the carbon imprint for a sustainable low carbon future.

New technologies are being developed by researchers and adopted by industries in all wakes of life. The hotel industry is one of the top 10 global industries. According to American Hotel & Lodging Association, there are more than 54,200 hotels with over 5 million guestrooms in the USA. These are just the figures for the USA. So you can imagine the global impact of this industry on climate. The PVC hotel key cards, membership cards, playing cards, polythene bags, disposable crockery, etc. are negatively impacting the environment. 

We now have a solution to the cards here, BioPaper card, an economical, energy-efficient & eco-friendly substitute for PVC.

Before we deep dive to discuss BioPaper hotel key cards, let us discuss the drawbacks of PVC. 


PVC hotel key cards and their impact on the environment


There are certain consumable products in hotels that need to be replaced with environmentally friendly products. One of these products is hotel key cards. These are made up of PVC and can be found almost in every hotel or motel.

The problem with PVC hotel key cards is that they are non-eco-friendly and result in a huge carbon footprint. For example, 4.1 kilogram CO2 is produced during the manufacturing of 1 KG PVC. This is a huge number. The final destination of these cards is landfill or water reservoirs i.e. rivers, oceans, etc. These will contaminate water and land while decomposing there, in a thousand years.


Do you know the average decomposition period of a PVC card is 1000 years? 

Furthermore, we cannot burn plastic card as it produces certain harmful gases that are injurious to human health. Similarly, the manufacturing of PVC also emits hazardous gases. Therefore, there is a dire need to replace these harmful plastic cards with environmentally friendly options and to adopt sustainable practices.


The most economical and eco-friendly option to replace PVC hotel key cards


Traditional wooden or paper key cards are put forward as replacement options for these plastic key cards. But in reality, this is not true. The production process of paper is complex. The water consumption during this process is high. This production process not only results in wastage of freshwater, air pollution, contamination of water but also requires deforestation. Deforestation means climate change and environmental catastrophe. Furthermore, the wooden and paper key cards are either too expensive or not durable.     


So what’s the deal? What’s the best alternative to PVC cards that is economical and eco-friendly? 

The answer is sustainable cards. The BioPaper card developed by our researchers is the most sustainable to date. 


So what is BioPaper card?


It is a woodless and paper card made up of natural sourcing. It looks and performs like PVC but it is degradable. Its degradation period is around one year, you can throw the BioPaper cards without any special handling and they will degrade under the sunlight. The good thing about these cards is that no wastage of water, contamination of water, and deforestation is done during the manufacturing process.


What are the characteristics of BioPaper?


BioPaper card is the most eco-friendly invention in the hotel industry with low greenhouse gases emission. It has the following characteristics:


· Woodless

· Paperless

· 100% eco-friendly.

· It is plastic-like paper, looks and works like PVC but it is degradable and environmentally friendly.

· Though we call it paper but you cannot tear it like paper. It is tear-resistant.

· One greater characteristic of BioPaper card is that it is waterproof which means it has a longer life than traditional paper. 

· It is 100% nontoxic. Its color is white however no bleaching or alkaline agent is added or used in its manufacturing.

· 100% degradable when it came in contact with sunlight constantly.

· It can be printed digitally and UV

· You can even make RFID cards, tags, labels, hotel key cards, membership cards, etc.

· FDA certified. The material can be contacted directly with food.

· Longer life span than a traditional paper card and PVC card.


Why BioPaper card is the most economical eco-friendly hotel key card?

· According to research, 2.4 million trees will be saved annually with the production of 120,000 tons of BioPaper, additionally saving 24 million liters of fresh water. 

· The manufacturing process of these cards does not include bleaching, beating, and coloring that contaminate the water resources.

· These cards are woodless and paperless so there is no need to cut trees.

· 100% non-toxic materials are used in the manufacturing of these cards.

· Low carbon imprint during the manufacturing process than the traditional paper.

· If we cast away these cards then these will degrade naturally in one year.

· These cards are a bit expensive than PVC. However, their life span is longer than PVC cards (no scratches will be caused on the card surface). So technically these are less expensive than PVC cards in the long run.


 These facts make these hotel key cards environmental friendly and the future of the hotel industry.


Why you should order BioPaper hotel key cards for your hotel? 

The concept of Green hotel is the talk of the town nowadays. Governments are rewarding hotels that are taking green initiatives i.e. energy conservation, practicing recycling programs, composting programs, linen reuse programs, and using eco-friendly materials in hotel operations. 

You can now improve the ranking of your hotel by adopting these eco-friendly habits and eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, hotel owners should adopt sustainable practices to spread awareness among hotel guests. This is our responsibility to conserver this beautiful plant for our future generations. Therefore, you should replace PVC hotel key cards with these 100% eco-friendly BioPaper hotel key cards.


Now, as you know, BioPaper hotel key cards are the most economic and eco-friendly. So click here to get a free sample and go green. We will be really happy to help and guide you to choose the best for your needs. 

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