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Zebra Technology Claims RFID Could Improve Logistic Management

zebra rfid label printer

“No real industry can live without logistics.” On July 29, during the 14th IOTE 2020 international IoT Expo, Wu Jian, head of RFID Business of Zebra technology company in Greater China, said in an interview with China Post Express that RFID technology can effectively improve the management of logistics industry.

Taking Benz automobile production as an example, its logistics management is an important support for manufacturing. For example, how to manage the parts after entering the warehouse, how many cars will be produced the other day, which parts are needed, and the positioning of forklifts, etc., all of these need RFID to manage the logistics.

“During the coronavirus epidemic, there are more and more online transactions, and the demanding on quantity and quality of logistics are also increasing. RFID technology can help to meet this demand.” Wu said the company’s sales of small mobile printing devices reached hundreds of thousands in 2016. In the first half of this year, driven by the epidemic situation, mobile printing equipment became very popular. Many logistics enterprises ordered mobile printing equipment and data acquisition equipment based on Zebra technology and RFID technology to reduce distribution contact.

Which new changes will RFID technology bring to logistics fields? Wu Jian said that, for example, in bulk logistics, enterprises need to use containers to distribute goods. The usual operation mode is to leave the latest batch of containers and transport the last batch of containers back. It will need RFID to determine the location and quantity of containers.

In the distribution of white household appliances, RFID can not only realize fast distribution, but also realize the data monitoring of household appliances, so as to achieve effective recycling. At the same time, the use of RFID technology can effectively manage and recycle the packaging materials of household appliances, realize recycling and reduce the cost of packaging materials.

In terms of clothing, sales volume will grow rapidly during the promotion. When selling on e-commerce platforms, the location of goods can be quickly found in the warehouse. Taking UNIQLO as an example, RFID technology effectively helps its sorting and packaging during the “double 11”.

Due to this, Zebra technology takes RFID as a breakthrough, and introduces a new reader in this exhibition, which can track the real-time visibility of goods, help enterprises identify and locate, and meet the needs of warehouse management, manufacturing and other application scenes. The advantage of the new reader is that it can quickly find people and objects, realize dynamic management, and realize the monitoring of multiple items. However, signal will be weaker in outdoor, so it will be promoted in the field of large-scale storage.

In addition, Zebra technology MC3390R integrated remote UHF handheld RFID reader won the “IoTE Gold Award” innovation product award for its reading range and receiver sensitivity. The product is specially designed for warehouse, loading and unloading station and transfer center, which can achieve higher reading accuracy and ultra long distance barcode scanning. “The height of many shelves is very high, traditional information equipment can not achieve ultra long distance scanning, but through manual climbing way, which could cause a great security risk, based on RFID technology scanning equipment can solve this problem well.” Wu Jian said.

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