1.RFID Label

Airfreight, warehouse management, ETC, anti-counterfeiting…

Want to know more details regarding RFID label?

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2.RFID Wristband

Silicone, PVC, paper, elastic, vinyl, textile, …

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3.RFID Cable Tag

Plant management, warehouse management, cargo and vehicle tracking, …

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4.How to encode an NFC tag?

Contact information, website, telephone number, location, GPS, …

Wanna know how to encode these information inside the NFC tag with a smart phone?

More details regarding NFC stickers –

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5.Card’s Artcrafts – part 1

Silver sprinkle, gold sprinkle, embossing, signature panel, foil stamp, spot UV

Hole punch, laser material, transparent pvc, numbering, …

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6.Card’s Artcrafts – part 2

Hologram, UV anti-counterfeiting ink, Wiredrawing material, finishing, dimension and chip options, thermorewrite, magnetic stripes, etc.

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