RFID Solution For Library Management

An RFID Library Management System (LMS) is a system based on both hardware and software solutions. The features of the system are RFID enabled for cataloging books, Bluetooth enabled for flexibility in searching information, a centralized database, user identification through their RFID tags, and security features including a login
procedure with password protection for the members as well as the librarian.

Providing High Efficient Self-service

Using RFID smart library solution, readers can easily find the book they want in the library system. Convenient to Borrow Books from The Library It can also improve the book circulation rate. create an efficient and convenient smart library, and improve the reading rate.

Smart Management of cloud platform

The smart library is equipped with a professional book cloud platform management system, which integrates the management of readers, books, equipments and processes, and provides efficient and convenient system-level management tools for libraries.

Big data analytics

Accurate statistics or public library business circulation, books, readers and other related useful information. like the age of readers. popular books. reading frequencies, traffic, etc.


Convenient to Borrow Books from The Library

The deployment of self-service borrowing and returning machines, bookcases and other equipments, with credit borrowing and other software services, to help readers enjoy convenient reading.

Interlibrary Borrowing and Returning

For large public libraries, an one-stop main library borrowing and returning system could be set up to support readers choose the nearest library to borrow and return books anytime and anywhere.


Adopting the use of RFID technology in libraries can improve the speed and accuracy of circulation and shelving
functions. This not only frees the library staff to provide direct service to its users but also helps to protect a library’s collection and ensures the community gets the most value out of the library.

Available RFID Tags For Library Management

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